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Concept 4000 Insight

Management Software for Concept 4000 Systems

Inner Range Insight Professional is system management software providing customers with user friendly control & management of multiple Concept 4000 systems.

User Friendly Programming & Control

Operators can edit programming of items such as users, doors & lifts within multiple Concept 4000 panels. Programming features include:

  • User friendly programming screens
  • Control of doors, areas, lifts & auxiliary outputs etc.
  • Powerful search & cross-referencing tools
  • Hyperlinks to move between related programming screens

Insight is built on a robust technology platform including:

  • Multi-panel, multi-workstation (multi-client)
  • MS SQL server database - ODBC compatible
  • Rijndael AES 128-bit encryption
  • Proprietary Insight communications protocol developed specifically for IP based communications


Seamless Multi-Site Management

Sites can be managed individually or an almost unlimited number of Concept 4000 sites can be managed as one seamless system with the intuitive Insight software suite. Global user management means that users can be added & deleted from the system, their security levels changed, & their access to doors & security areas modified with these changes being immediately updated to sites around the globe.

Flexible Review, Alarm & Event Management

Insight automatically maintains a merged log of alarm and system events generated by all Concept 4000 modules on the network. Operator actions within Insight are also logged. Certain Review events can be forwarded as pager, SMS, email or internet messages.

The review module also includes:

  • Unlimited customisable review filters
  • Unlimited concurrent review windows
  • Comprehensive event triggering
  • Customisable alarm events & alarm procedures (including font and colour control)
  • Operator response processing including systemwide acknowledgement