Access Control

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Access Control

Thermal Access

Facial Access Control with Temperature Screening

The Noahface Facial Recognition application for hands free access control has been integrated with Calumino's Smart Thermal Sensor to create the world’s first unmanned & touchless access control station with built-in opto-thermal scanning.

Screen Temperatures at the Door

Staff take one look at the mounted iPad, they're instantly recognised using facial recognition technology, and their temperature is automatically recorded. If they appear to have an elevated temperature, they can be denied access or provided with customised instructions, and an alert can be sent to stakeholders via email.

The post COVID-19 workplace is a very different place, where facilities have a newfound duty-of-care to protect their staff, clients & visitors in a controlled and continuous fashion. The benefits of Thermal Access Control include:

  • Employee Safety - Ensuring staff with elevated temperatures do not interact with other staff is key to fulfilling your duty of care to your employees.
  • Reduced Legal Risk - Failing to provide a safe work place can expose a business to increased legal risk.
  • Reduced Business Risk - Your staff are your most valuable assets. If a virus spreads through your work force, you could potentially suffer significant productivity loss, or even a complete business shutdown.

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