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Multipath T4000 Ultralite

Inner Range Multipath T4000 Ultralite

The T4000 Ultralite is the lowest cost T4000 model to date making it the ideal communicator for residential security monitoring. Simply connect any Contact-ID enabled dialler panel into the ‘Panel’ port for instant cellular alarm reporting.

Packing all the power of the original T4000, the Ultralite doesn’t sacrifice on capabilities. Its tiny footprint allows it to easily retrofit into existing alarm system cabinets.

The Ultralite connects to the Telstra Cat M1 internet of things network which provides superior coverage, in most cases better mobile reception will minimize the installation time and cost without the need for costly high gain antennas.

The three outputs built into the Ultralite are fully controllable from the SkyCommand app by the end user. The outputs can be programmed to control areas on the end user’s alarm panel using a keyswitch input or used for general purpose remote control.

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