Alarm Monitoring

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Multipath T4000x

Inner Range Multipath T4000x

In addition to all the standard T4000 features, the T4000X is equipped with an additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

The T4000X is ideal for simple monitoring and control applications as a ‘stand-alone’ 4G unit.

The T4000X inputs are capable of sensing the presence of a device and will automatically enable reporting. The inputs are preprogrammed with sensible defaults that allow them to work straight ‘out of the box’.

The built-in security area can be armed or disarmed from the SkyCommand app allowing simple end-user control.

By default two of the eight outputs are configured with siren and strobe functionality, creating a small ‘stand-alone’ alarm system.

End users can receive push notifications to their smartphone from the T4000X if they have a current SkyCommand push notification subscription.

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