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JD Security has been providing alarm monitoring services since 1984. We run our own in-house Grade A1 National Alarm & Video Monitoring Centre – independently certified to meet the requirements of Australian Standard 2201.2 – with advanced IT infrastructure for high availability, scalability, load balancing and disaster recovery. We provide alarm monitoring to a wide range of businesses that rely on monitoring to protect their people and assets and enhance their business operations. Scroll down down to find out more about our plans & pricing.

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How much does Alarm Monitoring cost?
The cost of your monitored alarm system will depend on the package you choose. For example, as of 2019, some of our package price ranges are:

  • DirectWireless: $40 per month to $90 per month with varying connection fees.
  • Multipath IP: $50 per month to $95 per month with varying connection fees.
  • Permaconn: $40 per month to $115 per month with varying connection fees.

We have a selection of locked in and flexible agreements available, so you can choose a plan that meets your requirements.

DirectWireless refers to the use of 4G to monitor alarm signals. Available throughout Australia it offers an extra layer of protection to your system. Using 4G allows us to ensure your alarm continues to transmit a signal in the event of phone line failures or other mishaps. Such failures could act as an opportunity for thieves to enter your premises, but when you have DirectWireless in place, your alarm monitoring is continuous.

The aim of Permaconn alarm monitoring is to use VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, to ensure all your monitoring is conducted as securely as possible. Permaconn uses wireless 4G monitoring that benefits from end-to-end encryption as well as from a network availability of 99.9%. This means minimal downtime. You can choose from a range of Single or Dual SIM plans to suit your business’ needs.

Inner Range Multipath
Multipath IP is a high-tech alarm monitoring solution that combines the latest IP technologies with traditional alarm reporting systems. The aim of Multipath IP is to deliver critical alarm events to our network at lightning-fast speeds. This means there’s virtually no lag between your alarm being triggered and the event coming to our attention. Using Multipath, we’re able to communicate with your security system as often as every 10 seconds. Our system also reaches the highest IP alarm monitoring standard available: AS2201.5 Class 5.

When is the use of IP Alarm Monitoring appropriate?
Occasionally, we find that our customers can’t use 4G monitoring. This is often due to the business being in an area with poor mobile coverage. In this kind of instance, IP monitoring acts as an excellent alternative and you’ll receive most of the benefits of 4G monitoring, even if your business is in a signal-free area.

IP alarm monitoring uses your existing internet connection and data allowance, which means there’s no need for an additional plan in order to use it. This means that the installation process is both swift and convenient. We can also ensure your monitoring is continuous if you use a backup generator or UPS in the event of a power cut. As a result, you won’t need to worry about opportunistic thieves taking advantage of your property if there’s a power outage.

Can I use alarm monitoring when I have more than one site?
JD Security provides corporate services for those who have more than one location to monitor. We can provide volume discounts, pay as you use plans, and interactive SMS notifications. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how multi-site monitoring works, as well as our pricing structure.

Business alarm monitoring has a wide range of benefits, not the least of which being enhanced security and 24 hour peace of mind. There are many businesses in Sydney that use business alarm monitoring and although all hope to never have to use it, the security and protection that instant intruder notification provides can save thousands for a relatively small investment.

We have over 34 years’ experience in the industry and have provided solutions for customers across Australia and New Zealand in markets including: retail, transport & logistics, chemicals, manufacturing, IT, steel, automotive, government, enterprise, SME and national accounts.

We have a wide range of Business Security Monitoring Plans because a corporate office will have different requirements to that of a small business in a local suburb: we work with you to figure out your specific needs.

What separates us at JD security from our competitors’ is a dedication to our customers & their businesses well-being & safety. We provide perfect business alarm monitoring solutions every time & the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Because we focus on business customers we understand that you want:

  • Real people to answer your calls
  • Account management including call lists, code changes & schedule updates
  • Technical support with a wide range of remote services including reprogramming, arming & testing
  • Our monitoring centre team to work with our technicians to gain a complete understanding of your systems. Leading to faster fault rectification when problems occur
  • Our monitoring team to assist you with arming & bypassing faulty devices
  • Notification of key holders
  • Monitoring using Fixed Line (PSTN), Internet/IP, DirectWireless, Inner Range Multipath and Permaconn
  • Licensed in Australia & New Zealand – we can cover all your ANZ locations

Contact us on 1300 556 334 or email to arrange connection.