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AXIS release free software for network video surveillance with iPhone, iPad and Android apps


Axis Communications has released a new free video management system, for 1 to 16 cameras, called AXIS Camera Campanion (ACC). The software can be downloaded free from the AXIS website ( & is compatible with any AXIS camera running firmware version 5.40 or higher. The software also allows a facility manager or office manager to access AXIS cameras from their smartphone.

When asked, Paul Crawford a Director at JD Security (a specialist in high tech systems) said:

“AXIS have challenged the marketplace in a big way with this software release. Each camera can have a 64Gb SD card onboard for storage and because the camera is IP, all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection to view it. The software integrates & streamlines the system and allows access from anywhere at any time”.

A facility manager/owner can now store and recall up to a month of footage from an AXIS  camera with no central DVR, NVR, PC or server necessary – making each camera a smart, independent video recording device. Add to that the flexibility of access given to the user (smart phone/tablet) as well as HDTV quality footage via AXIS Camera Companion and you have a software package that benefits the business on multiple levels at $0 cost, free!

Marcus Hardy,
Marketing Communications Officer
JD Security