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Remote Monitoring & Control


  • Remote Arming/Disarming – Arm & disarm your system remotely with your mobile or tablet or right from your desktop
  • System Status & Summary of Recent Activity – View an at-a-glance summary showing the current system status & any recent activity at your property
  • Searchable 60-Day Event History – Search a 60-day history of events reported by the system, including alarms & other activity. Customise the time frame of the search & by device or event type. Download results as HTML or Excel files
  • User Code Management – add/delete/edit user codes remotely & track which users arm/disarm the system at what times. For systems with multiple partitions, you can allocate which partition/s each user code can access
  • Multiple Permission-Based Web Logins – Create “sub-users” for your account & grant varying levels of permissions for each user to view/change settings in the Alarm.com online account
  • Multiple Partition Support – For compatible DSC PowerSeries NEO control panels with multiple partitions, arm or disarm individual partitions via the web, add and assign new user codes to a specific set of partitions, see which sensors are in which partition, and filter the online event history by partition
  • Multi-System Access – access multiple security systems from a single account through a drop-down menu in the Alarm.com online account & app


Customised Notifications


  • Alarms – Receive email/text message notifications for any type of alarm reported by the system. (Automated alarm alerts are in addition to & independent of the alarm monitoring services provided by the JD Security Monitoring Centre)
  • Arming/Disarming – Receive email/text message notifications when the security system is armed or disarmed
  • System Events – Receive email/text message notifications for power failures, sensor tampers & malfunctions, panel low battery & other types of system events
  • No-Show Alerts – Receive email/text message notifications if a certain person didn’t disarm the security system during selected times on chosen days
  • Sensor-Left-Open – Receive email/text message notifications if a particular door, cabinet, or window sensor is left open for an extended period during specified time frames. Receive a Restoral Notification once the sensor is closed again
  • Sensor Activity Monitoring – Even when the security system is disarmed, receive email/text message notifications for non-alarm activity reported by sensors including: door, window, cabinet, motion, and other various sensors. Notifications are sent to selected recipients when specified activity is detected. Times when sensor activity should send a notification are customisable. (The Alarm.com module communicates ALL sensor and system activity that occurs 24/7 to Alarm.com’s Network Operations Centers, then sends customised notifications to selected recipients.)
  • Geo-Services – Intelligently trigger arming reminders and events based on Geo-Fence settings and mobile phone location
  • Arming Reminders – Receive email/text message notifications if the security system is not armed by a particular time on chosen days


Advanced Commercial Features


  • Location Summary Report – Summary overview of Business Hours related events & sensor activity
  • Location Open/Close Report – Detailed report of Business Hours related event history, including Opened/Closed On Time, Opened/Closed Early or Late, Not Opened/Closed & Opened Outside of Business Hours including sensor-by-sensor activity trends shown by time of day
  • Alarms & Issues Report – Detailed report of all alarms & trouble conditions (including low battery & tamper alerts)
  • Sensor Activity Report – Summary overview of non-alarm activity reported by sensors (including door, window, cabinet, motion & other sensors)
  • Arming/Disarming Report – Detailed report showing the date & time for all system arming & disarming events
  • Enterprise Security Console – Designed for commercial end users with more than one Alarm.com-enabled security system, log into a single online account to view system status & recent activity on all systems
  • Open/Close Event Notifications – Receive email & text message notifications when a Business Hours related event occurs, including Opened/Closed On Time, Opened/Closed Early or Late, Not Opened/Closed & Opened Outside of Business Hours


Communications & Infrastructure


  • Single SIM 6hr Polling
  • Grade A1 Monitoring – Australian/New Zealand Standard’s Best Rating


Please note that all Alarm.com Monitoring Plans require an Alarm.com compatible Alarm System. Browse our Alarm.com compatible panels here.

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