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Inner Range

Inner Range Integriti

Integrated Security & Access Control System

The Integriti Access Control & Security System by Inner Range. It’s designed for global management of an entire system that can vary in size from a small single site through to a system with a very large numbers of users, doors & events, spread across sites in different regions, continents & time zones.

It provides real-time monitoring & control of physical hardware devices, as well as centralised data, alarms & event gathering from all locations. Integriti can also be integrated with third party software and hardware systems including HR databases, Windows Active Directory, CCTV systems, lift systems, lighting, HVAC, fire & BMS systems.

Features include:

  • Simple management of all your access control & security administration at a single site, or centrally manage multiple locations - all directly from your desk
  • Unprecedented scale & flexibility for user access permissions
  • Unrivalled end user software simplicity with revolutionary access control administration
  • iOS & Android apps for remote monitoring & control
  • Gigabytes of memory ensure complete system functionality even if the system is offline
  • Enterprise access control functionality provides for 1000s of controllers, 1000s of doors & 1000s of zones

Next Gen Solutions Now

Inner Range Integriti is a new generation Integrated Access Control, Security Alarm & Automation System by Inner Range. It's the result of more than 20 years of continuous industry participation & product development & just like its famous predecessor (Concept 4000), Integriti sets new industry standards. Inner Range are confident that Integriti has the capacity to offer solutions that have previously been unachievable in today's exciting yet demanding technology environment.

Inner Range Integriti is an IP connected access control & intruder detection system intended for centralised security management of systems operating at a single site or multiple sites across the country or across the globe. It's designed for global management of the entire system & a system can vary in size, starting from a very small single site, right through to a system with very large numbers of users, doors and events, spread across sites in different regions, continents and time zones.

Real-time monitoring & control of physical field hardware devices

Integriti can also be integrated with third party software & hardware systems including HR Databases, Active Directory, CCTV Systems, Lift systems, Lighting, HVAC, Fire & BMS systems. Integriti is designed to cater for future growth. It's scalable, ready for integration with third-party systems & steadily being improved and expanded with new modules. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

All installations are supplied with our standard defects liability period warranty of 12 months on parts and labour from date of completion. Additional manufacturer’s warranty on equipment may also apply.