Video Monitoring

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Video Monitoring

AXIS Guardian

Cloud Based Video Monitoring

AXIS Guardian is a managed video services platform that provides Video Verification, Remote Viewing, Remote Access as a Service & Cloud Storage. AXIS Guardian is integrated with our Grade A1 Alarm & Video Monitoring Centre. Benefits include:

  • Visual Verification of Alarms
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Door Station Answering
  • Remote Entry as a Service
  • Remote Camera Management
  • Camera Health Monitoring
  • Cloud Storage with up to 7/14/30/60/90/120 days of retention

Features include:

  • Up to 16 cameras per site
  • Arm/Disarming from iOS & Android devices & web application
  • Support for a wide range of AXIS Cameras
  • One-Click Installation
  • Support for AXIS analytic applications

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AXIS Guardian can monitor a wide range of cameras and other devices including:

  • Indoor fixed domes including selected AXIS M30, M31, P32 & Q35 models
  • Outdoor-ready fixed domes including selected AXIS M31, P32 & Q35 models
  • Indoor AXIS M10 & M11 fixed box cameras
  • Outdoor-ready AXIS P13 fixed box cameras
  • Outdoor-ready AXIS M2025-LE & P1435-LE fixed bullet cameras
  • Outdoor-ready AXIS M5525-E & P5635-E PTZ cameras
  • Outdoor-ready AXIS Q1941, P1280-E & P1290-E thermal cameras

Guardian can also monitor & control relay modules, network speakers and AXIS door controllers & video door stations including:

  • A9161 network I/O relay module
  • A9188 network I/O relay module
  • C3003-E network horn speaker
  • C2005 network ceiling speaker
  • C1004-E network cabinet speaker
  • C8033 network audio bridge
  • C8210 network audio amplifier
  • A1001 network door controller
  • A8004-VE network video door station
  • A8105-E network video door station

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