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Video Analytics

People Counting, Queue Management, Object Tracking, Heat Mapping & Occupancy Estimation

Network video cameras can be thought of as video sensors providing vast amounts of unstructured footage. Video analytics applications include people counting, object tracking, product interaction, demographic identification, perimeter defence, heat mapping, direction of travel & queue management. Video analytics applications make sense of this data in real time by using algorithms that provide business intelligence.

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Relying on Video Analytics to automatically monitor cameras & present exceptions for events of interest is in many cases much more effective than reliance on manpower, which is a costly resource with limited attention.

Our analytics products include Agent VI Analytics a world leading provider of open architecture, video analytics software developed for applications including retail, security, safety & business intelligence. AXIS’ Store Optimisation & Loss Prevention Suites to assist retailers with staff planning, customer experience, marketing and merchandising strategies. And Briefcam a video summary application which compresses 24 hours of video into a 1 minute overview without losing people or obejcts.

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