Video Analytics

Facial, Object, People & Vehicle Detection and Classification

Apart from recording live video, IP cameras can also be used as video sensors that capture vast amounts of unstructured footage. Video Analytics is the ability of a computer vision software application to detect and classify objects in a video stream without the need for human input. For example, it’s the ability of a program to count the number of people who visit a store or track those who leave without stopping to pay.

Key Video Analytics Functionality

  • People Counting
  • Object Tracking
  • Shopper Experience
  • Perimeter Defence
  • heat mapping, direction of travel & queue management. Video analytics applications make sense of this data in real time by using algorithms that provide business intelligence.

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    Relying on video analytics to automatically monitor cameras & present exceptions for events of interest is in many cases much more effective than reliance on manpower, which is a costly resource with limited attention.

    Our analytics products include AXIS’ Store Optimisation & Loss Prevention Suites to assist retailers with staff planning, customer experience, marketing and merchandising strategies. And Briefcam a video summary application which compresses 24 hours of video into a 1 minute overview without losing people or obejcts.

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