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AXIS Direction Detector

Smart Analytics for Entrance and Exit Control

Wrong-Way Detection

AXIS Direction Detector offers an easy and cost-effective solution for minimizing losses due to theft. It detects people moving in the wrong direction and can notify them immediately via an audio message, an alarm or a blinker. The program can also be configured to automatically respond by closing an entrance door or gate, notifying security personnel via email or SMS, or initiating video recording. The software helps reduce the need for extra physical barriers or for staff to stand at entrances.

Reliable and Proven

AXIS Direction Detector is an automated system that runs embedded in a ceiling-mounted network camera. It registers the number of people passing by and in what direction. The software essentially turns the camera into a highly advanced sensor. AXIS Direction Detector is built on advanced and proven algorithms from Cognimatics, whose programs have led in retail analytics for more than a decade. Offering high-speed execution and low memory requirements, the software has been installed in thousands of cameras worldwide.

Key Features

  • Real-time direction detection
  • Wrong-way notification
  • Loss prevention
  • Based on proven technology

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