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AXIS Random Selector

Smart analytics for Unbiased Inspection

Prevent losses and Deter Internal Theft

While employee theft is a major component of retail shrinkage, it is globally an area in loss prevention that typically does not receive as much monitoring as customer theft. Research studies show, however, that the best strategy for retailers to reduce employee theft is to work systematically with internal staff inspections. Unbiased inspection by random selection can help reduce theft and fraud, and provide a safe workplace. It can also ensure a high level of staff integrity.

Unbiased Inspection

AXIS Random Selector software addresses this issue by randomly singling out individuals for inspection – for example, at exits or self-checkout counters. Use it to eliminate discrimination – or accusations of discrimination – when there’s a need to inspect items like shopping bags and backpacks. It can make what might otherwise be an uncomfortable situation less so. And it can help prevent threatening situations from developing.

You can Count on it

AXIS Random Selector runs directly on a ceiling-mounted network camera. It detects in real-time when someone is leaving or entering the premises, and randomly determines if the person should be scheduled for inspection or not. Inspection can be triggered by an alarm, such as an audio output or blinking light. The program comes with the AXIS People Counter functionality, which collects data such as how many people have entered or left, and at what times. It also provides data on the number of people chosen for inspection. All processing is done on the camera’s CPU so there is no need for a dedicated PC. AXIS Random Selector is built on advanced and proven algorithms from Cognimatics, whose programs have led in retail analytics for more than a decade. Offering high-speed execution and low memory requirements, the software has been installed in thousands of cameras worldwide.

Key Features

  • Real-time random selection and inspection of people
  • Loss prevention
  • Based on proven technology

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