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Video Analytics


Find Incidents Quickly

BriefCam® is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises already invested in a VMS environment with up to 200 video cameras & a small team of video investigators engaged in post-event & or real-time video review. BriefCam® enables users to routinely review large quantities of video, efficiently & quickly.

Search Faster

Discover previously unreported/undiscovered events. Maximize your existing camera & video management system investment & get better evidence faster. Briefcam is used successfully by enterprises worldwide to reduce manpower time & costs. Integrates the user’s experience, intelligence & intuition. Export & share investigation information. Object attribute control further reduces review time.

Total Image Control

Users can pinpoint events of interest, reach targets quickly & take the required action using BriefCam, an advanced product based on BriefCam's award-winning Video Synopsis technology for rapid, accurate video review. BriefCam provides Video Synopsis functionality as an integral or embedded part of the VMS environment. In addition to offering a powerful set of tools for fast video review, BriefCam augments the basic Video Synopsis by allowing users to search video according to parameters that they define: size, colour, speed, area & direction. All parameters are under the user’s control. Like all good search engines, BriefCam ranks the Video Synopsis results in order of probability – from highest to lowest – ensuring that the most relevant events of interest are presented first.

Key features include:

  • Video Synopsis functionality embedded within the VMS
  • Works with Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect®, Avigilon & AXIS Camera Station video management systems
  • Access control for team investigations
  • Control object attributes (e.g., size, direction, colour, speed)
  • Hours of video can be reviewed in minutes
  • 1-click event selection indexes back to the original video
  • 1-click export of Video Synopsis & or original video
  • Bookmark & annotate objects for team collaboration
  • Area of Interest/Area of Exclusion
  • Easy to install & operate

Intelligent & Intuitive

BriefCam integrates human experience, intelligence & intuition as a vital part of the search & review process. The mind & eye are always engaged. With BriefCam, users gain access to immediate, actionable information from their video for decision support, security & safety applications.

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