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2N IP Audio Kit

2N OEM IP Audio Module

2N IP Audio Kit is an OEM intercom intended for incorporation into a variety of devices. It's designed to add value to both audio communication & remote surveillance and control. With it, users get both live support and the ability to ask for advice at the touch of a button.

Features & Benefits

  • A VoIP Solution you don't have to develop - The 2N IP Audio Kit is easily incorporated into an existing device using a connector like a microphone. Thanks to IP technology you simply extend it to include audio functionality.
  • A wide range of connectors - Choose from a wide range of interfaces. Hook up a microphone, speakers, headphones or keypad buttons.
  • Supports SIP - SIP protocol support makes it easy to link the intercom with IP phones & PBX from other manufacturers, without having to connect to a server. It can even be connected to our Monitoring Centre for Remote Answering.
  • Time Profiles - This function allows you to define the time period a given telephone number or access code are valid.
  • Remote Control - The HTTP API allows OEM intercom systems to be easily integrated into the master system for remote administration.
  • User Defined Sounds - There are up to 10 user slots for uploading user-defined sounds (e.g. vocal guidance or warning messages).
  • Adaptive Volume - The 2N IP Audio Kit automatically adjusts speaker volume based on ambient noise level.
  • Power Supply - 2N IP Audio Kit can be powered by PoE or from a 12V source.

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