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AXIS Q16 Series


Capture more light – always

High resolution. Full frame rate. Unparalleled light sensitivity. That’s the difference between an image that’s sharp & one that’s razor sharp in any light. Simply put, AXIS Q1645-LE is a camera that’s second to none. With 2MP resolution at up to 120fps, the 1/2” sensor & AXIS Lightfinder capture more light than ever & enable outstanding image usability even in poor light. Plus AXIS Forensic WDR ensures perfect balance in scenes with strong variations in light. And you get electronic image stabilization (EIS) as well.

Rough & Ready

With a robust aluminium casing, AXIS Q1645-LE can handle start-up temperatures as low as -40°C & as high as 60°C. And with IP66, IP67, NEMA 4X & IK10 ratings, you can be sure that the camera housing is resistant to both harsh weather conditions & impact. Plus, it features powerful IR for effective surveillance in pitch darkness. It even sports defog functionality that automatically filters out fog to provide clearer video.

That’s one smart camera

AXIS Q1645-LE is chockfull of intelligent features that facilitate smart decision- making, enhanced security, first-class image usability, & fast, easy installation. It comes preinstalled with AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard & AXIS Loitering Guard analytics for proactive surveillance & saved resources. And an orientation aid enables dynamic overlays with street names & a compass symbol for quick orientation if you’re using multiple monitors. And you can choose between three scene profiles, which automatically optimize exposure time, white balance, aperture, sharpness, contrast & noise for every camera in your surveillance solution to suit specific use scenarios. In addition, intelligent i-CS lens technology facilitates fast & easy installation & adjustment, which helps minimize time & money spent on installation. You can even fit other CS mount lenses in the housing, for instance light sensitive Ricom 2 MP Lens DC-iris 8-26 mm F0.9 for handling extreme low-light scenarios.