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AXIS Q6000

Full 360° Overview with One-Click PTZ Control

AXIS Q6000-E integrated with an AXIS Q60-E is a new pioneering camera solution, offering full overview to detail in one click. This enables users to get full 360° overview, while simultaneously capturing every detail in full resolution with high pan/tilt/zoom precision. It is an ideal solution for city surveillance in market squares, parking lots & large open areas such as food courts in shopping malls.

Key features include:

  • Full 360° overview
  • 4 x HDTV 720p cameras
  • One-click PTZ control
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Compatible with any AXIS Q60-E model

AXIS Q6000-E integrated with an AXIS Q60-E provides an ideal solution where there is a need to optically zoom in on details of interest with high precision while simultaneously being able to maintain an overview of large areas. AXIS Q6000-E, comprising four 2-megapixal sensors, provides a 360° field of view that covers up to 20,000 m².

A single click on any object in AXIS Q6000-E view will trigger the AXIS Q60-E camera to zoom in on specific objects, providing a perfect high resolution image. AXIS Q6000-E enables easy, seamless transition between monitoring a wide area & specific objects with the optical zoom.

All installations are supplied with our standard defects liability period warranty of 12 months on parts and labour from date of completion. Additional manufacturer’s warranty on equipment may also apply.