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AXIS M30 Series

AXIS M3068-P

12MP Day/Night Mini Dome with 360° Panoramic View

AXIS M3068-P can deliver 360° panoramic overviews as well as a variety of de-warped views. It supports day/night functionality for improved sensitivity in poor light. And, Axis Forensic WDR provides clarity when there's both dark and light areas in the scene. Furthermore, it features Axis Zipstream with H.264/H.265 and a powerful capacity for analytics.

AXIS M3068-P is delivered factory focused and features digital roll functionality for easy installation. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, it’s re-paintable to blend in with any surroundings and there’s black, vandal- resistant and smoke-detector casings available as accessories.

Key Features

  • 360° panoramic view
  • Forensic WDR, day/night functionality
  • Small & discreet design
  • Zipstream supporting H.264 & H.265
  • Environmentally friendly casing

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