Video Surveillance

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AXIS P33 Series

AXIS P3374-V

HD 720p Fixed Dome Digital PTZ

AXIS P3374-V offers remote zoom & focus for fast, easy installation, which helps keep your set-up costs down. It’s compatible with all AXIS P33 mounts. And it features AXIS Zipstream technology, which preserves important details in full video quality while reducing storage & bandwidth by up to 50% or more, resulting in significant savings. Plus, the IK10-certified casing makes the dependable AXIS P3374-V vandal resistant.

Don’t Miss a Thing

With WDR – Forensic Capture, which preserves forensic detail when there are both light & dark areas in a scene. And AXIS Lightfinder technology for sharp, color images in poor light conditions. AXIS P3374-V delivers superb HDTV 720p video usability.

Plenty of Extras

With its built-in two-way audio, AXIS P3374-V lets you listen in to a scene & also address intruders to scare them off. You can make your surveillance system even smarter by integrating other equipment via the AXIS P3374-V: A sensor or detector can be connected to the camera’s digital input to trigger alarms or actions, & since the input can be supervised, an alarm can also be sent if the connection is cut. A device, such as a relay to activate lights or lock/unlock doors, can be connected to the digital output & be controlled by the camera. Finally, the camera offers integrated AXIS Video Motion Detection, active tampering alarm & audio detection as well as support for a wide range of advanced analytics from AXIS & our partners.

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