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AXIS P37 Series


See It All – 24/7

Do you want to see in two direction simultaneously? AXIS P3715-PLVE offers two channels with 2MP per channel, at a frame rate of 30 fps letting you capture both wide angle and zoomed-in, detailed views. Featuring AXIS Lightfinder you get color images recorded in near darkness. And, Forensic WDR ensures clarity when there's both dark and light areas in the scene. Additionally, it includes 360° IR illumination with individually controllable LEDs and an automatic IR cut filter.

When the filter is removed, the camera takes advantage of invisible near-infrared light from available light sources to produce quality black and white images. So, you'll enjoy clear, reflection-free footage and excellent image quality even in low light or complete darkness as well as undistorted colors during the day

Brilliant Design

With its unique peanut-shaped dome design, this compact, multidirectional camera helps minimize reflections and ensures you capture great quality images. It offers flexible positioning of both varifocal camera heads so they can be moved and rotated to provide the optimal field of view for a wide range of circumstances. And, each head can be controlled individually allowing you to monitor scenes in two directions in wide or zoomed-in views. The camera's sensors can also be twisted, allowing two camera heads to be positioned closer together, so one can take the wide view and the other can zoom in on the same target. This is the perfect setup for straight hallways or at the corners of an intersection where it can look in both directions simultaneously.

This cost-effective camera offers edge storage allowing you to record directly to an onboard Micro SD™ card for added storage capability and reliability. Furthermore, it includes an optional IP66/IP67 rated weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight, ideal for outdoor wall mounting. The shield can also be repainted to easily blend in with any surroundings.

Cost-efficient installation

With two camera heads in one camera, AXIS P3715-PLVE offers cost-effective installation, not only when compared with the price of two standard varifocal cameras of comparable performance. That's because with AXIS P3715-PLVE there's only one camera to install, one cable to run, and one IP address, one video management software (VMS) license and just one license for any analytics you choose to install. Thanks to its peanut-shaped design, it allows for easy cable routing. And, remote zoom and focus capabilities eliminates the need for hands-on fine tuning. Furthermore, Axis Zipstream with support for H.264 significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising on image quality.

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