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AXIS P39 Series


HDTV 1080p Onboard Fixed Dome with Audio-In

AXIS P3915-R Mk II Network Camera is specifically designed for mobile video surveillance on board vehicles & trains. The camera features protection against dust and water, and it can withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps, and temperature fluctuations. But best of all, thanks to Axis technology for challenging lighting and Axis Zipstream technology, AXIS P3915-R Mk II captures full forensic detail while minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.

Traffic Light Mode

AXIS P3915-R Mk II is specially adapted to deliver sharp HDTV 1080p image quality onboard moving vehicles with varied and fast-shifting light levels. Traffic Light mode helps to better delineate the color of traffic lights in very dark scenes.

Optimized for Transportation

AXIS P3915-R Mk II complies with a long list of transportation-industry regulations including fire-safety, and EN50155:2017 Class OT2/ST2 (EN50155:2007 Class TX) standards. Its rugged design and ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures make the camera appropriate for tough onboard conditions. And with optional outdoor housing, M12 or RJ45 connectors available and a compact and discreet design, it’s flexible enough to be installed inside or out and in many different configurations. AXIS P3915-R Mk II also offers audio-in, and 4-pin digital I/O ports for integration with other equipment.

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