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AXIS Q87 Series


Thermal & Visual PTZ with Long-Range Infrared Illumination

AXIS Q8742-LE Bispectral PTZ Network Camera is a high-end combination of thermal camera with outstanding contrast for reliable detection & verification around-the-clock and in all weather & light conditions and an exceptionally light-sensitive visual camera for identification purposes.

Designed for continuous, jerk-free pan & tilt movements, the camera includes long-range IR illumination to enhance identification even in complete darkness or challenging mixed lighting conditions. Easy to control and install with one IP address & multiple mounting options. The camera offers a tilt view of 45° above the horizon, and when column-mounted, it enables 360° unobstructed field of view.

Key Features

  • Reliable detection, fast verification & identification
  • Bispectral video streams
  • Easy to install with one IP address
  • Responsive positioning 360° endless pan & 135° from ground to sky
  • Long-distance network connection

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