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Explosion Series

F101-A XF P1367

5MP Explosion Protected Fixed Body with i-CS Lens

F101-A XF P1367 Explosion-Protected Network Camera helps you detect unauthorized individuals and monitor employee safety in hazardous areas.

Thanks to its i-CS lens, the field of view can be adjusted remotely, and the camera automatically sets the focus. F101-A XF P1367 provides images that are optimized for forensic purposes regardless of lighting conditions. It offers superb light sensitivity and Lightfinder technology for high-quality – color – images even when they’re recorded in the dark. And WDR – Forensic Capture lowers noise and increases the image signal for highly detailed images when there are both bright and darker areas in a scene – for example at an entrance or near a window with bright daylight outside and dimmer light inside.

Key Features

  • Red lightweight body
  • Remote zoom and focus with i-CS lens
  • 5 MP resolution at 25/30 fps

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