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Licence Plate Recognition

AutoVu Cloud

Easily Add ALPR to Your Security System

    AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud is a cost-effective automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution that provides off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras with ALPR capabilities and decreases local server requirements by moving AutoVu’s ALPR engine into the cloud. Optimized for applications with vehicles moving at speeds of up to 15 MPH (25 km/h), Plate Reader Cloud offers accessible best-in-class accuracy.


    Proactively Identify Vehicles

    Automatically identify vehicles entering your facilities, identifying potential threats as soon as they appear. With AutoVu’s flexible list management features, unknown or suspect vehicles can trigger specific alarms and activate video surveillance recording.

    Automate Processes

    Open vehicle gates and garage doors when an employee or registered visitor’s vehicle is detected, or instantly notify staff of the arrival of suppliers and visiting VIPs, improving efficiency and increasing user satisfaction.

    Extend the Reach of Investigations

    Support investigations with complete vehicle audit trails, including license plate number, date, time, coordinates, vehicle brand and license plate origin. AutoVu’s advanced reports, such as multi-zone correlation searches, allows you to identify vehicles detected at multiple sites or lots.

    Explore Vehicle Data

    Unlock new insights in the behavior of vehicles and visitors accessing your facilities using data collected by Plate Reader Cloud. Easily track travel time between locations, length of stay, and more.

    Genetec Certified Partner

    JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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