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Licence Plate Recognition

AutoVu Sharp

Versatile All-in-1 Automatic Licence Plate Recognition Camera

The Genetec AutoVu Sharp is the IP-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera of the AutoVu system. Combining a high-resolution ALPR camera, an independent context camera & onboard processing in a single device, the Sharp provides sophisticated analytics on the edge & communicates over any wireless or wired network.

The Sharp allows you to extend your ALPR coverage to areas with limited network connectivity by combining camera, processing & streaming equipment in a single rugged device. The Genetec AutoVu Sharp can also easily be transferred between on-duty vehicles for mobile applications, increasing operational time per camera.

Powerful Automatic Licence Plate Recognition on the Edge

Key features include:

Genetec AutoVu Advanced Analytics

  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduced network load
  • High environmental resistant
  • Embedded video camera
  • Analyse vehicle behaviour
  • Read licence plates across multiple lanes
  • Capture the clearest licence plate images
  • Superior night & day performance
  • Unify with video surveillance & access control


Genetec Certified Partner

JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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