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Licence Plate Recognition

AutoVu SharpX

Capture More Plates with the Genetec AutoVu SharpX

The Genetec AutoVu SharpX is an IP-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera that is part of the AutoVu system. With its high-resolution camera & integrated illumination, the SharpX leads the industry in license plate read rate, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in all applications.

The Genetec AutoVu SharpX is designed to capture more license plates per shift & provide the most accurate plate reads in all conditions, including at high speeds, poor angles & extreme conditions.

Get More Out of Your ALPR System


Key features include:

  • Extended field of view
  • Superior performance in extreme conditions & at high speeds
  • Cover all angles
  • Get information at your fingertips
  • Superior night & day performance
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Analyse vehicle behaviour
  • Active actions with ALPR events


Genetec Certified Partner

JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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