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EyeSpyFX Viewer

EyeSpyFX Viewer is An App for AXIS Cameras

The AXIS Cameras App (EyeSpyFX Viewer developed by EyeSpyFX) has great features including:

  • Quick & easy access to your AXIS IP Cameras
  • Faster than your browser interface
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom control available for AXIS PTZ models
  • Goes straight to your preset positions
  • Works with all models of AXIS camera, including video servers
  • Access your cameras over mobile & Wi-Fi networks
  • Save video & snapshots to your device for use later
  • Add unlimited cameras
  • Operate the input/output controls
  • Turn off & on lights on supported camera models
  • Adjust your cameras settings from your mobile device
  • View statistics from the Cognimatics People Counter

  Click here to visit EyeSpyFX.