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Network Video Recorders

Genetec SV-16

Choose a Video Surveillance System that Fits Your Facility

The SV-16 is a hybrid network security appliance that is powered by Security Center. Designed to support up to 16 edge devices, the SV-16 enables customers to centralize multiple sites within a single system, or is ideal for use in small installations with the need to unify video surveillance and access.

The Genetec SV-16 can accommodate 16 cameras or readers, or, in the case of a unified solution, up to 8 cameras and 8 readers. With Security Center pre-installed,the SV-16 is a convenient and versatile NVR to deploy a video surveillance or access control system in smaller sites.

Take Advantage of Security Centre Capabilities

Opt for a standalone video surveillance or access control system, or implement a unified deployment should you require both. The SV-16 gives you access to the leading capabilities found in Security Center, in a convenient package.

  • Unify your security solutions - manage monitoring & reporting of your Omnicast video surveillance & Synergis access control systems with the Security Center client interface.
  • Unmatched video security
  • IP access control
  • Choose the hardware you want
  • Depend on uninterrupted security


Key features include:

  • Optimised video streaming
  • Dynamic stream selection
  • Federation
  • On-demand video tickling
  • Video watermarking
  • Smooth video playback
  • Video verification of access control
  • Energy efficient

All installations are supplied with our standard defects liability period warranty of 12 months on parts and labour from date of completion. Additional manufacturer’s warranty on equipment may also apply.

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