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Number Plate Recognition

Genetec AutoVu

Number Plate Recognition

Genetec AutoVu number plate recognition (NPR) automates number plate reading & identification, making it easier for law enforcement, local government & businesses to locate vehicles of interest & enforce parking restrictions. Genetec AutoVu is designed for both fixed & mobile installations.

AutoVu enhances your security system by automatically identifying & tracking vehicles accessing your facilities. Unified with video surveillance, access control & other security systems within Genetec Security Center, AutoVu increases situation awareness & supports investigations with powerful reporting capabilities.

Key Features


  • Fuzzy matching
  • In-vehicle maps
  • Image, time, date, GPS coordinate & address with every read
  • Live wireless communication between patrol vehicles & back-office
  • Advanced vehicle analytics
  • Digital chalking
  • IT-less deployment & maintenance

Boost Parking Enforcement Efficiency

Genetec AutoVu is at the core of your number plate-enabled parking system, possibilities include:

  • Enforce city parking - manage multiple parking rules simultaneously & in real-time
  • Enhance off-street parking administration - improve the productivity of your parking officers
  • Boost vehicle inventory management - efficiently update your vehicle inventory
  • Get open platform number plate-enabled parking enforcement - seamlessly integrate AutoVu with other key number plate-enabled parking technologies such as parking metres, pay stations etc. to improve parking operations' efficiency

Equip Your Law Enforcement Agency with a Powerful NPR Solution

AutoVu provides law enforcement agencies with the most accurate & reliable NPR system in the industry, identifying number plates, cross-referencing multiple wanted vehicle lists, & supporting criminal investigations.

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