Video Management Software

Choosing the right Video Management System (VMS) that integrates with Access Control, Video Analytics, Business Intelligence & Operations applications, artificial intelligence, Mobile Apps & Licence Plate Recognition isn’t an easy task. We’ve got over 38 years of experience in helping customers find the right VMS for their business.

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What kind of video solutions could help your business?

Our close relationships with leading developers enables us to automate & remove pain points including/gives us deep knowledge of the key features that will benefit you the most including:

  • Multiple Video Streams – for live viewing & recording
  • Auto Discovered Network Configuration – for reduced bandwidth
  • Appearance Search – find a vehicle or person of interest by using colour or gender
  • Live & Playback Caching
  • Dynamic Stream Selection – means the VMS automatically switches from a low resolution to a high resolution stream based on the size of the video tile
  • Access Control integration
  • Advanced User Management
  • Encrypted Video/Video Encryption
  • Video Watermarking
  • Evidence Management
  • Critical Firmware Updates for Cameras
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Storage & Networking requirements
  • Failover
  • Activity Reporting & Audit Trails
  • Integration of Mobile Devices

We’re also across compliance & regulations including:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Privacy & Redaction
  • GDPR Compliance

Video Monitoring

We also provide Video Monitoring for most of the Video Management Systems that we offer.

Our video management software products include:

To learn more about any of our video management software solutions visit their unique pages or call us today on 1300 556 334.

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