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Video Management Systems

Genetec Omnicast

Genetec Omnicast is the IP video management system of the Genetec Security Center platform that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that truly matches their needs. With support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders & CCTV equipment, Genetec Omnicast scales & adapts to the changing demands of your security department.

See it All All the Time

Genetec Omnicast provides the flexibility to grow your system whenever you need to, while never being locked into a proprietary solution. With fielded deployments of up to 150,000 cameras, & support for an unrestricted number of workstations, its powerful architecture allows scalability, with the assurance that current operations won't be disturbed.

As part of Genetec’s Security Center platform, you can increase efficiency by unifying your security & business systems. Omnicast can be unified with access control events & alarms, providing a consolidated view of security operations in an intuitive client interface that synchronizes all video & access control monitoring & reporting.

Integration with the Cameras You Want

Genetec Omnicast’s open architecture gives you the freedom to completely customize your system. This means that you can choose from the latest IP cameras or re-use existing analog cameras (by using IP encoders) to cut down initial deployment costs. With support for a wide range of products from leading technology partners, Omnicast integrates with your preferred video hardware & software applications.

Manage More Video Over Your Network

As the adoption of higher resolution cameras increases, so too does the need for an intelligent video management software to reduce bandwidth consumption. Omnicast provides functionality that enables you to minimise bandwidth costs in order to grow your surveillance system without hesitation. Bandwidth management features include;

  • Dynamic stream selection: Rely on Omnicast to automatically configure the resolution of your video streams, based on the size of the video tile you're watching, in order to reduce the load on your network & workstation
  • Multicasting:Allow users in various locations to view a video feed simultaneously - without overcrowding the network - by using the bandwidth of each network segment only once.

Genetec Certified Partner

JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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