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I can’t find my password reset or login name recovery email

1. Check every folder in your email account (e.g. spam, receipts, junk, etc.).

2. Run a search in the inbox for words like password OR reset OR from

3. Run a search in the spam/junk folder (as these results do not populate during inbox searches) for terms such as password OR reset OR from

4. Verify the email was not placed into another folder via filters/rules.

5. You should be able to view the filter/rules created when on a web browser. This option may not be available when checking email on a mobile browser or mobile app (i.e. phone/tablet).

6. Verify the blocked sender list does not include the domain.

7. Verify the inbox is not full, and other emails can be received.

8. If the email account is a private email address (i.e. not public like Gmail or Yahoo), verify there is no firewall or email filtering.

9. For more information, contact your IT professional. Additional tests can be conducted by changing the email address to a more popular email service like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo, etc., then requesting the password reset again.


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