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As commercial buildings continue to increase in size and complexity, the need for comprehensive security and access control solutions has become paramount. Fortunately, JD Security is well equipped to meet the needs of today’s business campuses. With our cutting-edge technologies and services, you can provide a secure, flexible, and data-driven environment for your building occupants and visitors.

Transform Your Commercial Property’s Security with Integriti

Inner Range Integriti’s modular design allows property managers to customise their security system configuration precisely. This design tailors the security solution to the unique requirements of each property. Firstly, property managers select only the modules they need, ensuring an efficient & cost-effective system.

For larger commercial spaces or those with specific security challenges, application specific modules can be added as required. As a property evolves or expands, managers can seamlessly incorporate more functionality without overhauling the entire system.

The modular design of Inner Range Integriti allows commercial property managers to directly tailor their security configuration, addressing the distinct challenges presented by commercial structures. Leveraging specific modules, they can create a cohesive security solution, precisely meeting their building’s demands. Here are examples of Inner Range Integriti modules suitable for an office tower:

  • Access Control – this module lets managers allocate & regulate access rights for each employee, contractor, or guest. They can set up variable access levels for different sections or floors of a commercial building.
  • Visitor Management – this module facilitates the registration, tracking, and oversight of all visitors. Temporary access badges can be quickly issued, ensuring visitors only access designated areas.
  • CCTV Integration – the CCTV integration module seamlessly integrates access control & security systems with live cameras, enabling real-time video monitoring. When an event occurs, it instantly triggers event-specific video pop-ups, drawing immediate attention to the relevant footage. The module also offers playback capabilities, allowing security teams to review and analyse past incidents effectively. By merging live & recorded visual data, this module equips security personnel to respond swiftly and efficiently to any situation.
  • Lift Control – the Lift Control module actively manages & restricts elevator access. By assigning specific floor permissions to users, it ensures that individuals can only access designated levels. When a user presents their access card or credential, the module instantly checks their permissions & activates only the allowed floor buttons. Additionally, the module can schedule floor access based on times & days, offering heightened control during off-hours or special events.
  • Intercom Integration – enhancing communication, this module integrates intercom systems including 2N, Aiphone, Commend & Jacques. Whether it’s a guest at the main entrance or a delivery at the service gate, security personnel can swiftly verify and communicate with them.
  • Building Automation – going beyond traditional security, this module lets managers integrate and control building systems like lights, HVAC, and water. For instance, lighting can be scheduled to turn off when a floor is unoccupied.
  • Mobile Control – allows administrators and authorised personnel to manage & monitor the Integriti using their mobile device. Receive alerts, view live cameras, and modify access rights on-the-go.

Genetec Security Center for Commercial Buildings

Genetec Security Center Omnicast is a video management system designed to enhance video surveillance and security in commercial properties. When used in commercial properties, Omnicast offers several key functionalities:

  • Camera management: allows centralised management of IP cameras with a unified interface for configuring camera settings including resolution, frame rate, compression, exposure, focus and zoom, PTZ settings, motion detection and privacy masking. Camera health monitoring and firmware management features ensure cameras are functioning optimally.
  • Live monitoring: enables real-time monitoring of video streams from cameras across the commercial property. Security operators can view live video streams, monitor multiple cameras simultaneously through multi-view layouts, and respond promptly to security incidents or potential threats.
  • Recording and storage: provides robust video recording & storage capabilities. Supports event-based recording triggered by motion detection, alarms, or other predefined events. Recorded video is stored locally or on network-attached storage devices, ensuring that video evidence is readily available for later review or investigation.
  • Video playback & analysis: allows for efficient video playback and analysis. Security operators can search for recorded video based by timeframes, cameras, or events, and review the footage at varying playback speeds. Advanced features like frame-by-frame analysis, bookmarking, and export options facilitate detailed scrutiny and evidence extraction.
  • Alarm & event management: integrate with various security systems, such as access control, intrusion detection, and fire alarms. Receive and correlate events from these systems, providing a unified view of security-related incidents. Operators receive real-time notifications, allowing for immediate response and proactive monitoring of critical events.
  • Video analytics: supports video analytics including … to enhance situational awareness and automate security operations. Video analytics features include people counting, object tracking, license plate recognition, and facial recognition. These capabilities enable commercial property owners to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and generate actionable insights.
  • Centralised system management: provides centralised system management capabilities. Administrators can configure user access rights, define security policies, and manage system-wide settings from a single interface. Centralised management ensures consistent configurations across cameras and simplifies administration tasks.
  • Integration with other systems: seamlessly integrate with other systems including access control, alarm management, and video analytics systems, through the Genetec Security Center platform. This integration allows for unified security management, synchronized responses, and comprehensive situational awareness.

Genetec Omnicast enhances the security and surveillance infrastructure in commercial properties by providing comprehensive video management functionalities. Its capabilities for camera management, live monitoring, video recording, analysis, event management, and integration enable effective security operations, incident response, and proactive threat detection in commercial environments.

JD Security works with tier 1 vendors who manufacture & develop security products and applications that have cybersecurity built-in. We and our partners believe that protecting networked products and software services from cyberthreats is key to securing the data and systems on your network. We all focus on superior protection against cyber-attacks by applying best practices for cybersecurity with continuous improvement of firmware updates so information is completely shielded from any malicious activity. Our range includes AXIS P32, AXIS P37 and AXIS P56 cameras.

Through increased connectivity between existing building systems and data analysis enabled by smart building technology, users can also experience improved sustainability. Smart lighting and heating systems are triggered when a person enters an area or during certain times of day thus reducing energy consumption while audio announcements (safety warnings) can be broadcasted over speakers across the facility.

Take the first step towards providing a safe and secure environment for your building occupants by contacting JD Security today to get a customised quote. Our innovative solutions, designed to keep your facility up-to-date with the latest security technologies, can help you achieve an uninterrupted, efficient and cost-effective operating environment. Get in touch now and let us provide you with a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Awards

JD Security’s expertise has been widely recognised, leading to numerous awards, including:

  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2019-2020
  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2021-2022
  • AXIS Partner of the Year 2021-2022 NSW & ACT
  • AXIS Partner of the Year Oceania End-to-End Solutions Champion
  • Genetec Unified System Sales Award at Genetec Elevate 22

Our project managers, project engineers, and system integration teams have played an instrumental role in securing these awards, with their commitment to quality setting a high standard for the industry.

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