IP Door Access Control

IP Door Access Control Systems

An IP-based door access control system differs from a traditional hardwired access control system in several ways. First, with an IP-based door access control system, the components are connected to a network such as a LAN or WAN and communicate via Internet Protocol (IP). This eliminates the need for complex wiring compared to a traditional hardwired system, which requires cables to be run to doorways or between components individually. Another advantage of an IP access control system is that it can integrate with other IT systems and applications, allowing for greater flexibility & scalability than a traditional hardwired system.

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Furthermore, all components of an IP door access control system are powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), meaning they only require one cable instead of needing multiple power supplies like a traditional hardwired system. Lastly, IP door access control systems offer enhanced levels of security thanks to features such as encryption, anti-spoofing technologies and authentication protocols. This makes them more reliable than traditional hardwired access control systems when faced with unauthorised attempts at gaining entry into secured areas.

We provide a wide range of PoE & Wireless IP-based door access control systems. Including readers, controllers & software from AXIS, Genetec, HID & Salto.

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