Licence Plate Capture, Ticketless Parking & Digital Tyre Chalking

Genetec AutoVu Number Plate Recognition automates the process of reading and identifying number plates. This is particularly useful for retail parking operations, law enforcement agencies, councils and businesses. It allows these organizations to easily locate vehicles of interest and enforce parking restrictions, without the need for physical ticketing or manual monitoring of parking areas. Additionally, this system provides digital tyre chalking, which further enhances the accuracy of parking enforcement.

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Discover Vehicle Trends & Insights

Number plate recognition data can be mined for new knowledge on vehicle behaviour, such as average length of stay, frequency of visits, travel time between locations, average vehicle speed, and more, helping you make informed decisions about your parking facilities and operational efficiency.

Genetec AutoVu SharpV Camera

Genetec AutoVu SharpV takes number plate recognition mobile & allows you to extend your coverage to areas with limited network connectivity.

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