Using Video Surveillance for Proof of Compliance in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry, maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance is a regulatory requirement. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) sets strict regulations to ensure that manufacturers uphold these standards.

A critical component in meeting TGA requirements is video surveillance, for several reasons:

  • Quality Control: Video Surveillance actively monitors & documents manufacturing processes to ensure alignment with regulatory standards.
  • Security: Pharmaceutical products often attract theft or sabotage due to their high value. Implementing a robust surveillance system deters such incidents and offers evidence in case they happen.
  • Compliance: TGA regulations require pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep detailed records to demonstrate compliance. Video surveillance acts as a crucial layer of verification in this process.
  • Safety: In an environment where dangerous chemicals may be present, video surveillance can help monitor safety protocols and ensure a quick response to incidents.

Milestone XProtect Video Management System

Milestone XProtect is powerful video management software (VMS) that offers an array of features specifically designed to enhance security and operational efficiency. This advanced VMS is a perfect fit for pharmaceutical manufacturers as it delivers robust surveillance capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

  • Compatibility with Various Technologies: Milestone XProtect can integrate with a variety of applications, hardware, and services, making it highly adaptable to your specific business needs.
  • Consistent Server-side User Authentication and Authorization: All clients and integration interfaces benefit from consistent server-side user authentication and authorization, ensuring data safety and cybersecurity.
  • Integration Flexibility: XProtect offers multiple ways to integrate and embed applications, hardware, devices, or services into the software, thus providing flexibility and adaptability to your existing systems.
  • Professional Audio and Video Solution: The platform provides full intercom integration, combining professional audio and video solution, which can be crucial in monitoring and maintaining safety standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities: The software has proven effective in remote monitoring scenarios, as demonstrated by its application in healthcare settings, suggesting potential utility in remote supervision of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

How Milestone XProtect & AXIS IP Cameras Work Together

Milestone XProtect and Axis IP cameras can serve as a comprehensive surveillance solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering a range of notable features.

  • Integrated Analog & IP Cameras: Milestone XProtect Professional+ VMS enables the integration of existing analog cameras with newly purchased Axis IP cameras, making it a cost-effective solution for upgrading surveillance systems without replacing current equipment.
  • Axis Body Worn Solution: the AXIS Optimizer Body Worn Camera Extension empowers in-field camera users to record, tag, and share video with office-based investigators. This feature can be crucial for monitoring and maintaining safety standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.
  • Optimized Systems: the AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect enhances the performance of AXIS devices within the XProtect environment, ensuring optimal video quality and system performance.
  • AXIS S3008 Recorder Integration: with proper setup in the XProtect Management Client, cameras connected to the AXIS recorder can retrieve recordings efficiently, providing an invaluable tool for incident review and analysis.
  • Secure Communications: Enabling HTTPS between Milestone XProtect and Axis cameras safeguards the communications between the VMS and the devices, protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access, which is especially important in a highly regulated industry like pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Physical Security

Here are some key security measures that should be in place:

  • Access Control: Implement robust access control systems to restrict entry to authorized personnel only. This can include key cards, biometric authentication, PIN codes, or other electronic access control methods. Limit access to critical areas where pharmaceuticals are stored or handled.
  • Perimeter Security: Secure the facility’s perimeter with fencing, gates, and appropriate barriers to prevent unauthorized access. Implement security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms to detect and deter intruders.
  • Secure Storage Areas: Designate secure storage areas within the facility to store pharmaceuticals. Install access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems in these areas. Use restricted access cabinets, safes, or cages to further secure high-value or controlled substances.
  • Inventory Management and Tracking: Implement robust inventory management systems to accurately track and monitor pharmaceutical inventory throughout the distribution process. This includes using barcodes, serial numbers, or RFID tags to identify and trace each product. Regularly reconcile inventory records to detect and investigate any discrepancies.
  • Transportation Security: Ensure the security of pharmaceuticals during transportation by implementing appropriate security measures. This can include using tamper-evident packaging, GPS tracking devices, secure vehicles, and trained personnel. Conduct background checks and implement security protocols for third-party logistics providers or courier services involved in the transportation process.
  • Temperature and Environmental Controls: Pharmaceutical products often require specific temperature and environmental conditions to maintain their efficacy and integrity. Implement monitoring systems, such as temperature sensors and alarms, to ensure proper storage conditions. Regularly calibrate and maintain temperature-controlled storage areas and transportation vehicles.
  • Employee Screening and Training: Conduct thorough background checks on employees handling pharmaceuticals, including criminal history and employment verification. Implement training programs to educate employees about security protocols, proper handling procedures, and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.
  • Controlled Substance Handling: If the facility handles controlled substances or drugs of addiction, comply with specific regulatory requirements for their storage, handling, and reporting. This includes additional security measures, record-keeping, and adherence to relevant legislation, such as the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act.
  • CCTV Surveillance: Install a comprehensive video surveillance system with strategically placed CCTV cameras throughout the facility. Monitor critical areas, entrances, and exits to deter theft, monitor employee behavior, and investigate security incidents.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Develop and regularly update emergency response plans to address security threats, natural disasters, or other emergencies. Conduct drills and train employees on evacuation procedures, crisis management, and the reporting of security incidents.

Integriti Security System for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Harness the Best: Leverage Integriti’s cutting-edge technology to fortify your pharmaceutical operations. Tailored solutions to meet the unique security needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Features & Benefits include:

  • Seamless Access Control: regulate entry and exit points, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access to sensitive areas. Experience unparalleled security and control with Inner Range Integriti’s access control features. Actively regulate who enters and exits your premises, granting permissions tailored to individual roles and responsibilities. With real-time monitoring, instantly detect any unauthorized access attempts and respond with swift precision. Customize access levels with ease, crafting distinct zones and time-based permissions that adapt dynamically to your organization’s needs. As more than just a barrier, Integriti offers detailed audit trails and insights, transforming access control from a basic necessity into a strategic tool for heightened security and peace of mind.
  • Real-time Monitoring: track facility activities in real-time, with immediate notifications of any breaches. Inner Range’s Integriti platform excels in providing real-time monitoring capabilities, offering businesses a comprehensive view of their security landscape. The system allows for live tracking of access points, alarm statuses, and CCTV feeds, among other critical security elements. Any unusual activity or breach can trigger an immediate alert, enabling the security team to respond effectively and promptly. Moreover, the Integriti system can be tailored to monitor specific areas or assets according to business needs, ensuring that all critical aspects are under constant surveillance. This real-time monitoring feature enhances overall security and allows businesses to maintain control over their premises around the clock.
  • Integrated Alarm System: activate swift responses to any unauthorized actions or disturbances. Experience multifaceted security with Inner Range Integriti’s integrated alarm system. Not content with just monitoring access, Integriti leaps into action the moment it detects any irregularities, ensuring your facility is constantly under vigilant surveillance. Whether it’s an unauthorized entry attempt, a breach in a restricted zone, or even environmental anomalies, the system immediately triggers tailored alarms to alert security personnel. These alerts, coupled with real-time notifications, guarantee swift response times. With Integriti, your premises don’t just benefit from passive monitoring; they are actively shielded by a state-of-the-art alarm system that’s always on guard, ensuring threats are detected and deterred in an instant.
  • Visitor Management: register, track, and monitor guests from the moment they arrive. Grant temporary access privileges tailored to their purpose of visit, ensuring they navigate your premises with ease but within defined boundaries. Should they venture out of approved zones, receive instant notifications. Every visitor’s activities are logged, facilitating quick reviews and audits.
  • Flexible Integration: integrate with existing security systems and adapt as your facility grows. Experience the power of unified security management with Inner Range Integriti’s seamless integration capabilities. Beyond its standout access control features, Integriti effortlessly merges with a suite of intelligent building systems – be it lighting, HVAC, or surveillance cameras. By acting as the central nerve of your organization’s security, Integriti offers a singular, intuitive user interface that oversees everything. No longer juggle between multiple platforms; with Integriti, you gain a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of your entire security operation. Monitor, control, and adjust systems in real-time, ensuring that every facet of your organization moves in harmony, bolstered by world-class security. With Integriti, your security isn’t just integrated; it’s interconnected and intelligent.

Advanced Protection for Sensitive Pharmaceutical Assets

  • Temperature Monitoring: safeguard temperature-sensitive drugs and products with automated alerts. Harness the power of Integriti’s integration capabilities to elevate your temperature monitoring needs. Seamlessly sync with advanced temperature sensors, ensuring real-time alerts if there’s any deviation from predefined levels. Whether you’re safeguarding sensitive pharmaceutical products or ensuring optimal equipment function, Integriti actively oversees temperature-sensitive areas. Benefit from automated reports, offering a comprehensive view of temperature trends and anomalies. Through this streamlined integration, Integriti not only bolsters security but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of products and environments, making temperature oversight effortless and efficient.
  • Restricted Area Zoning: customize access levels for different zones, ensuring restricted products remain secure. Dive into a realm of advanced security with Inner Range Integriti’s restricted area zoning. Proactively define and demarcate areas within your facility, ensuring that only those with the right permissions can access them. Whether it’s safeguarding confidential data rooms, sensitive research labs, or high-value storage areas, Integriti gives you the power to craft bespoke zones tailored to your unique security needs. When someone attempts to access these zones without proper authorization, the system instantly flags the breach, triggering alerts and ensuring immediate action. With Integriti, you don’t just create boundaries; you craft impenetrable fortresses, ensuring that every square foot of your facility remains under vigilant protection.
  • Customised Reporting: generate compliance reports tailored to pharmaceutical industry standards. Elevate your pharmaceutical compliance journey with Inner Range Integriti’s advanced reporting capabilities. Actively tap into its powerful analytics to generate compliance reports meticulously tailored to meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you’re tracking access to restricted areas, monitoring temperature-sensitive zones, or logging visitor interactions, Integriti captures every detail. At the click of a button, access insightful reports that not only reflect adherence to regulations but also offer actionable insights for continuous improvement. With Integriti by your side, stay confidently ahead of compliance curves, ensuring every facet of your operation aligns seamlessly with industry benchmarks.
  • Audit Trails: the Inner Range Integriti Access Controller is not only a robust security tool, but it also serves as an asset in maintaining compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards. The system has built-in features that allow for the generation of comprehensive audit trail reports. These reports can detail who has accessed specific areas, at what times, and for how long, providing complete transparency and accountability. This data is critical in the pharmaceutical industry, where strict regulations require precise tracking and reporting of access to certain areas, especially those housing sensitive or controlled substances. By utilizing the Integriti system’s advanced reporting capabilities, companies can easily generate the necessary audit trails required to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulatory bodies.
  • Regular Updates: stay ahead of regulatory changes with automatic software updates. Inner Range is committed to continuously improving and refining its Integriti Access Controller to meet the ever-evolving demands of access control and security. To ensure the system remains at the forefront of technology, Inner Range regularly releases software updates that enhance its features, address any potential vulnerabilities, and maintain system reliability. These updates are seamlessly integrated into the existing system, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. Through this active approach to software management, Inner Range ensures that the Integriti system continues to provide robust, reliable, and cutting-edge security solutions for all its users.

How We Work – Step by Step Implementation

  1. Consultation: Understand the specific security needs of your property.
  2. Customization: Tailor the Integriti system to meet your requirements.
  3. Installation: Professional installation ensuring minimal disruption.
  4. Training: On-site training for your security personnel on system usage.
  5. Ongoing Support: 24/7 customer support, periodic system updates & Maintenance.

Our Awards

JD Security’s expertise has been widely recognised, leading to numerous awards, including:

  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2019-2020
  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2021-2022
  • AXIS Partner of the Year 2021-2022 NSW & ACT
  • AXIS Partner of the Year Oceania End-to-End Solutions Champion
  • Genetec Unified System Sales Award at Genetec Elevate 22

Our project managers, project engineers, and system integration teams have played an instrumental role in securing these awards, with their commitment to quality setting a high standard for the industry.

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