Securing Your Education Environment with JD Security

Ensuring the safety and security of educational institutions has become increasingly important in recent years. Traditional surveillance cameras have evolved into a comprehensive, integrated network of smart devices that go beyond just monitoring a space. Today, surveillance systems offer situational awareness and are a part of a technology stack that includes video, access control, analytics, and intelligent connectivity.

For the past 40 years, JD Security has been providing end-to-end security solutions to schools across Australia and New Zealand. We understand how critical it is to create a secure learning environment that protects staff, students, and school property. Our comprehensive security solutions portfolio includes Access Control, Video Surveillance, Security Systems, Vape Detection, Video Analytics, and IP-based public address systems.

Looking at the perimeter of the campus, it is also possible to have a much greater level of awareness and safety than was possible with a traditional camera setup. Lights in secluded areas can turn on automatically when motion is detected; two-way audio communications can be set up so that students passing through an area have easy access to administration alert or security staff; the same network audio can also include smart, AI-powered features capable of detecting raised voices, and sensing aggressive sounds.

Convenience for staff members, parents and visitors alike is also a consideration, with features such as Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) allowing easy entrance to parking facilities, or to create efficiency in organising school pickups and drop-offs.

The trusty security system has evolved far beyond the level of simple, passive surveillance. Now, with a fully integrated, end-to-end solution it is possible to move the needle all the way to a smart situational awareness solution that provides deep insights into student safety, protects property, and enhances the functionality of the school.

Avigilon Control Center for Education Campuses

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is a Video Management System (VMS) that provides advanced video surveillance capabilities for schools including:

  • Centralised Camera Management: for managing IP cameras across locations including entrances and exits, canteens, libraries, hallways, car parks and perimeter security. Administrators can access and control cameras from a single interface, providing a unified view of the entire system. It offers a unified interface where security personnel can monitor and control video feeds from multiple cameras, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient management.
  • Camera configuration settings: automatically discover and add cameras, configure and modify camera settings including resolution, frame rate, exposure, focus, white balance, and image quality to optimise camera performance.
  • Live Monitoring: provides real-time live monitoring of cameras throughout the school. Security personnel or staff can actively monitor video to ensure a safe and secure environment, identify potential threats, or respond to incidents promptly.
  • Recording Schedule and Retention Settings: define recording schedules for cameras, specifying when continuous or motion based recording, triggered by motion detection or an alarm, should occur. Users can configure retention settings to determine how long video recordings are retained before being deleted or archived.
  • Video analytics: features sophisticated native video analytics including object detection & object tracking, people counting, facial recognition, unusual motion detection, object removal or abandonment, vehicle analytics, licence plate recognition and appearance search. Analytic tools enhance security by automating processes, detecting anomalies, and generating real-time alerts for potential threats or unusual activity.
  • Alarm Management: integrates with other security systems within the school, including access control and vape detection sensors. When an alarm is triggered, ACC can display live video feeds from the corresponding cameras, enabling operators to assess the situation quickly and take appropriate action.
  • Video search & review: provides powerful video search and review. Search for events or incidents by date & time, camera location, motion events, alarms and metadata. Accelerate the investigation process by using appearance search to look for individuals or objects based on specific characteristics such as clothing color, age, gender, or even vehicle make and model. Enable users to locate a specific person or object across multiple cameras and timeframes. ACC also provides time-line search, which provides a timeline view allowing users to navigate through recorded video footage quickly, and thumbnail search, which can be quickly scanned to locate desired footage without reviewing an entire recording.
  • Mobile access: ACC 3 mobile app allows access to live and recorded video. Provides flexibility for security teams or administrators to monitor video surveillance even when they’re away from the video suite.
  • User access control: allows admins to define access privileges and permissions for user roles. Ensures only authorised individuals have access to cameras, functions and recorded video, maintaining data privacy and security.

Our self-learning video analytics include loitering detection, intrusion detection and vehicle & personnel breaching campus zones. Powered by AI technology our cameras detect early stage incidents in real time allowing for a fast response from your team (or authorised personnel) whether that means having a quick conversation or alerting the police when necessary.

Avigilon’s self-learning video analytics include loitering detection, intrusion detection, and people & vehicle detection. Using AI technology, Avigilon cameras detect early-stage incidents in real time, enabling a rapid response from your team.

Aerwatch Video Analytics for Education

Ensuring safety and security on school campuses is a top priority for any educational institution. But as school environments become more complex, monitoring and managing them can become increasingly challenging and costly.

AerVision’s Aerwatch is a highly efficient and accurate AI-based CCTV monitoring solution that can automatically detect, recognise, track, and monitor a wide range of objects, people and events.

That’s where AerWatch® comes in. AerWatch® provides unprecedented insight into the behaviour of people in different locations, such as the library, computer rooms, and playground, helping you track truancy, engagement levels, headcount, and space utilisation.

AerWatch also offers real-time alerts, allowing your school personnel to act immediately in case of any potential threats or unusual behaviour. With its powerful AI engine constantly learning and adapting to the environment, AerWatch significantly reduces false alarms, enabling you to focus only on the events that matter. AerWatch is easy to integrate with your existing CCTV and other sensor systems, providing a comprehensive security solution for your school.

Inner Range Integriti for Education Security

Universities have evolved from simply a precinct full of lecture theatres into complex “cities within cities” focussing on collaborative learning, innovation and research. These institutions must be open and welcoming environments for students and staff; however, they face complex security risks ranging from Active Shooters to highly organised demonstrations.

These environments demand a wholistic security management system that can deliver enterprise grade security functionality as well as provide comprehensive integrations with Intelligent Building Systems and Education Software.

  • Centralised Management Of Multiple Systems – University security management centres require management of real-time information from multiple Intelligent security systems. These include Intruder Detection, Access Control, Video surveillance, Intercoms, Duress systems, and BMS amongst others. Integriti software is the perfect platform to deliver this information in a user friendly and actionable format.

    While Integriti’s software can manage and prioritise this vast amount of information in real time, Integriti’s backend integrations allow the system to seamlessly integrate with other University IT systems. Integrations with Student Databases and Student Management systems mean that student enrolment and provision of access cards can be completed from dedicated enrolment software and automatically updated into the Integriti access system.
  • Students and Staff Safety – Managing Access – Integriti’s Access Control features ensure that only authorised staff and students are permitted in restricted areas, whilst being free to access common areas. Access credentials can be integrated into the Universitoties own smart phone App and integration with Tmetable managements sytems mean that students can only access lecture theatres when they have a scheduled class. Student residence halls, which often use a dedicated wireless access control system, can also be fully administered from the Integriti software via Integriti’s integrations with a large range of leading wireless access control systems.
  • Student and Staff Safety – Localised Duress and Welfare checks – Duress alarms can be raised from onsite help stations, university smart phone apps, or security guards equipped with mobile duress systems. When a duress alarm is raised, guards, staff and other stake holders can be immediately notified via Integriti’s messaging application – Communicator– which will broadcast texts and emails. Video surveillance integration can provide control rooms with immediate access to live and recorded video associated with the Duress Alarm displayed on a schematic map which shows the exact location of the incident. Integriti also offers guard and welfare check functionality so that a student’s status within onsite accommodation can be checked and confirmed.
  • Identity checks at examinations – Integriti’s innovative Mobile Reader application confirms students’ identities at exam entry points. This application allows university administrators to ensure that the photograph on the student card presented at the exam entrance is that of the individual actually taking the exam.
  • Contractor Management – Universities require the services of hundreds of independent contractors who require access to university facilities. In addition to its native functionality Integriti also seamlessly integrates with dedicated contractor management systems. These systems ensure contractors are provided temporary access credentials and have complied with onsite health and safety protocols. In addition, contractor invoices can be reconciled with the actual time that contractors spend on site.

Managing Visitor & Contractor Check-Ins with Inner Range Integriti

Integriti manages Visitor Check-Ins by allowing the visitor management system to push user/visitor information into the Integriti database, ensuring that only authorised staff and students are permitted in restricted areas while being free to access common areas.

The integration also enables employees to book their visitors through the visitor management system’s web portal, and after the visitor arrives & checks in, the details of the visit are automatically updated in the Integriti database. Upon expiration of the visit, the issued credential such as an access card or tag can be suspended for cases where it is to be used again, such as in the case of a regular contractor’s card, or it can be deleted if it was for a one-time visitor. This process can be initiated by Integriti or alternatively from the visitor management system.

The integration between Integriti and visitor management systems provides a range of benefits for Integriti users, including the ability to improve safety, security, and compliance for their visitors, contractors, and staff. Bringing visitor management platforms into the Integriti ecosystem complements the advanced access control and intruder functions that Integriti offers.

Inner Range Integriti is with visitor management systems, including Honeywell Forge (formerly Sine) and WhosOnLocation.

Integrating AXIS Network Speakers with AXIS Cameras for Audio Alerts

AXIS designs advanced network speakers for enhanced school security. They can stream live or scheduled announcements, music, or different audio content. IP technology lets them integrate easily with video management systems to enable event-driven alerts & notifications. They serve a variety of needs, from public address to emergency communication. Through centralized management, users remotely control and monitor these speakers, guaranteeing clear and consistent communication as needed.

  • Direct Connectivity – AXIS IP speakers connect seamlessly to AXIS cameras using the same network, ensuring efficient communication between devices.
  • Event-Driven Responses – Cameras use their motion detection and event triggering capabilities to initiate audio alerts or messages. For example, when a camera detects movement in a restricted area, it triggers the IP speaker to play a pre-recorded warning message.
  • Customisable Messages – Administrators program specific audio messages for various event types, allowing them to address a range of security scenarios, from intruder alerts to safety announcements.
  • Real-time Alerts – the system ensures instantaneous audio playback once an event is detected by a camera, providing timely warnings or notifications.
  • Unified Management Platform – Users control and monitor both AXIS devices from a single interface, which simplifies operations & allows easy management of messaging.
  • This integration not only amplifies the security capabilities of the surveillance system but also enables a proactive response mechanism, enhancing safety and security in various environments.

    Network Audio for Public Address

    Schools can utilize AXIS network audio solutions to tailor and direct bell signals and messages to various campus areas. The inclusion of integrated announcement chimes ensures that vital messages receive attention.

    Halo Smart Sensors

    Our Halo Smart Sensor & Vape Detector integrated with external cameras facilitates immediate intervention when students attempt to vape in school facilities – directing those identified to appropriate counsellors or sanctions.

    Halo IoT Smart Sensors can be integrated with existing Alarm/Access Control Systems and CCTV systems as well as deployed standalone with visual and audible notifications programmed to trigger outside school bathrooms.

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