Video Monitoring

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Video Monitoring

How does Video Monitoring work?

Our interactive video monitoring platform, Immix from Sureview Systems, is an open & scalable system that offers integrations with over 170 manufacturers and supports thousands of manufacturer VMSs, NVRs, DVRs, Encoders & Cameras.

When we connect your video surveillance system with our Immix servers we can provide:

  • Live, Pre & Post Alarm imaging for Video Verification
  • Ad-hoc & Scheduled Video Patrols
  • Device Uptime – anytime a device loses connectivity we’ll receive an alarm
  • Camera Health – camera failure, hard disk failure, video loss & more are handled & escalated as alarm signals
  • Remote Access – providing remote access for employees & authorised personnel to customer facilities
  • Door Station Answering
  • Triggering of Relays & Presets