JD Security offers Comprehensive Security Solutions for Businesses

With a rich history spanning 40 years, we understand that every business has unique security needs that require customised solutions. That’s why we provide a range of security, access control, and CCTV services to a variety of industries, including:

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Retail businesses face significant security risks, from shoplifting to employee theft and point-of-sale fraud. Our retail-focused video surveillance, access control, and security systems provide retailers with robust solutions to effectively deter theft and ensure the safety of employees and customers.


Schools and universities face various security challenges, including vandalism, damage to property, theft of school equipment, and unauthorised entry. Our school security systems help protect students, staff, and assets while providing assistive technologies to facilitate safe evacuation and lockdown procedures.

Commercial Property

Commercial real estate owners, such as office buildings, hotels, and hospitality venues, need help managing who can enter and exit their properties. This is why access control systems are essential: They help limit the entry of unauthorised individuals and monitor the movement of people within the property.

Commercial property owners also face liability issues for injuries or damages due to inadequate security. They are at risk from third-party vulnerabilities, where contractors or other external parties may pose security risks if their access is not managed correctly.

Commercial properties are common targets for theft and burglary, which can result in significant financial losses and property damage. Lastly, commercial real estate managers must oversee critical building functions, including lift management, parking space optimisation, and utility tracking, to minimise costs and enhance user experience.


Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities require a high level of security to protect patients, staff, and valuable equipment. Our security solutions include access control, CCTV, and nurse call systems to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution centres and warehouses are often targets for theft and vandalism. Our advanced security systems help businesses protect their inventory, monitor employee activity, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Industrial businesses like factories and warehouses face unique security challenges, including employee safety and asset protection. Our security solutions include CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection systems to ensure a safe and secure environment.


Pharmaceutical companies must comply with strict regulations to protect intellectual property and ensure product safety. Our specialised security solutions help protect research labs, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centres.

Smart Cities

As cities become more connected, they become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and physical threats. Our smart city solutions include advanced security systems, integrated IoT devices, and AI-based analytics to enhance safety and security.

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At JD Security, we are committed to providing customized security solutions to meet the specific needs of each industry we serve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business.

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