Security Systems & Video Surveillance for Retail

We provide retail security systems and video surveillance systems for loss prevention, shoplifting, employee theft, point of sale fraud, store optimisation and customer & staff safety.

Our range of retail CCTV systems includes fixed, pan-tilt-zoom, multisensor, and body worn cameras from AXIS, Hanwha, and Vivotek, as well as VMSs from AXIS, Nx Witness, Genetec, and Milestone .We offer a range of retail security systems and video surveillance solutions that can help prevent loss, detect employee theft, detect point of sale fraud, optimize store performance, and ensure the safety of both customers and staff. Our product lineup includes fixed, pan-tilt-zoom, multisensor, and body-worn CCTV cameras from leading brands such as AXIS, Hanwha, and Vivotek. In addition, we also provide video management systems (VMSs) from renowned manufacturers such as AXIS, Nx Witness, Genetec, and Milestone.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a crucial aspect of any business. Our range of cameras can help protect your store from theft and other security breaches:

  • Shop floor – view and record aisles and points of sale to identify suspicious behaviour before thefts occur.
  • Entrances & exits – detect people moving in the wrong direction and automatically notify security staff.
  • Staff areas – ensure only authorised people have access to your non-public areas.
  • Cash rooms – automatically capture activities of people entering restricted areas.
  • Storage and loading docks – verify that your products were delivered, and keep track of items in storage with documented, high-quality footage.

How do variable lighting conditions in a store affect Retail Video Surveillance?

Effective video surveillance is vital for ensuring safety and preventing loss in retail stores. However, changing lighting conditions within a store can pose challenges for traditional surveillance cameras, which may struggle to capture clear footage in overly bright or poorly lit areas. To address these challenges, advanced technologies like AXIS Lightfinder, Hanwha’s Wisenet X series, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology have been developed. These innovations enhance camera performance by delivering high-quality images in low-light environments, reducing noise, and maintaining color and detail.

In particular, WDR technology ensures clear footage in scenes with varying light levels. To select the right technology for specific areas within a store, it’s essential for retailers to collaborate with experienced providers. These providers can assist in camera selection and configuration to address diverse lighting challenges effectively.

Store Optimisation

In the constantly evolving world of retail, IP cameras and video analytics have emerged as powerful tools for enhancing store efficiency and operations. Retailers can leverage IP cameras for various applications, including people counting, which provides valuable insights into peak shopping times, helping retailers make informed decisions about staffing. Heatmapping is another useful way to gain insights into how customers interact with the store layout and what areas are most frequently visited. Analytics can also be used for queue management by alerting staff to long wait times at checkout lines and enabling prompt response to improve customer service.

Moreover, video analytics can unlock valuable data-driven insights that drive operational improvements. For example, Genetec offers robust video management software and analytics solutions that analyse customer behaviour, manage queues, and optimise store layouts. These insights allow retailers to enhance customer service, streamline operations, and ultimately increase profitability. By integrating cutting-edge IP cameras with sophisticated video analytics, retailers create a more efficient, secure, and customer-friendly shopping environment.

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Queues & Checkouts – Detect the number of people in line and automatically assign more staff when needed, with in-store speakers or personal notifications sent to store staff.
  • Display Areas for High-Value Goods – Spot customers when they linger in your most profitable areas and notify sales staff via audio alerts.
  • Shop Floor – Track customers moving through your store, pinpoint the areas they linger in and optimise store layouts. Send out targeted audio messages or promotion announcements at the right time and to the right place.
  • Entrances & Exits – By counting the number of people, you can efficiently identify your busiest times, allocate staff, and optimise your service levels.

Using Video Analytics in Retail

Video analytics is a powerful tool that is actively transforming the retail landscape. It allows store owners to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency by analyzing video data in real-time. Retailers can track customer movements, evaluate the effectiveness of in-store displays, and optimize staff deployment. The dynamic capabilities of video analytics provide actionable insights to retailers, helping them understand customer preferences and tighten security measures. By leveraging video analytics, retailers can create a seamless and improved shopping environment for all.

Get Better Customer Insights

Understanding customer behavior is crucial for retailers. Video analytics can provide valuable insights and data about customer actions. By combining camera data with existing metrics, retailers can gain a better understanding of their customers, leading to the creation of exceptional customer experiences. The following data points can be obtained through video analytics:

  • People Counting: This video analytic tracks the number of individuals entering or leaving a specific area, providing an accurate headcount.
  • Occupancy Management: By reacting to threshold alerts, retailers can better manage occupancy. Alerts can be sent via mobile devices, email, or as an event to action within the Security Desk using Genetec Occupancy Manager.
  • Foot Traffic Analysis: Retailers can identify high-traffic areas in their store, which helps them direct store layouts and product placements accordingly.
  • Dwell Time Metrics: By measuring how long customers linger in specific sections, stores can determine product interest levels and adjust displays for maximum appeal.
  • Path Tracking: Understanding common customer paths helps optimize store layout and ensure smooth foot traffic.
  • Demographic Data: Video analytics can identify age, gender, and even mood, allowing retailers to tailor marketing strategies to specific customer groups.

Queue Management & Checkout Efficiency

  • Queue Managementmeasure queue lengths in real-time and get insights into peak shopping times, and optimise staff allocation to reduce waiting times during busy periods.
  • Point of Sale – Identify refunds without a customer present, catch unscanned items at staffed checkouts, detect misscanning at self-checkouts due to misrepresented products or incorrect barcodes, and trigger an alarm when customers exit the self-scan area without completing payment.

Find Fraudulent Transactions Faster

Genetec Transaction Finder is a powerful tool that enables retailers to swiftly detect fraudulent transactions by seamlessly correlating point-of-sale (POS) data with video surveillance recordings.

The tool, an add-on module for Genetec Security Center, allows retailers to correlate transactional records with real-time or archived video, making it significantly easier to identify discrepancies or suspicious activities. By narrowing down the exact moments of specific transactions, Genetec Transaction Finder enables quick and targeted reviews, saving both time & resources.

Use Cases include:

  • Fraud Detection: Genetec Transaction Finder can help identify fraudulent activities such as sweethearting, where employees give out unauthorised discounts or free merchandise to friends or family. By synchronising POS data with video recordings, retailers can quickly spot these discrepancies, saving them revenue loss.
  • Voided Transaction Tracking: retailers can quickly associate voided transactions in the POS system with corresponding video. This makes it easier to review the actions and context in which the transaction was voided, helping to identify if it was an honest mistake or intentional fraud.
  • High-Value Item Sales Review: when a high-value item is sold, Genetec Transaction Finder can instantly pull up video of the transaction. This offers an additional layer of verification to ensure that proper protocols were followed, and no fraudulent activity occurred.
  • Multiple Returns Monitoring: by correlating video with transaction data, the system can flag customers or employees involved in frequent or suspicious returns. Retailers can then review this footage to determine whether the returns are legitimate or indicative of fraudulent behavior.

Retail Security Systems

Brick and mortar retailers face an challenging business environment with hyper competition from online retailers and a range of diverse challenges.

  • Prevention of Theft, Shoplifting & Burglary – An Inner Range Integriti Access Control System ensures that only authorised staff are permitted in restricted areas such as stock rooms and administration spaces, while customers are free to browse the shop floor. Additionally, staff can only have access to restricted areas during their ordinary hours of work. Integriti Intrusion Detection system provides retail managers peace of mind that their retail locations are fully secured outside trading hours with high security, redundant back to base monitoring, plus integrated video and alarm information pushed to delegated staff’s mobile devices.
  • Safety of Staff and Customers – Retail environments suffer challenges from violent and abusive customers, while high value retail outlets such as jewellery stores or designer clothes outlets suffer the very real risk of robbery by armed offenders. Integriti offers comprehensive fixed and mobile duress solutions, whereby management or security guards can be immediately notified when a dangerous situation occurs. Integriti also integrates with Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) which send duress and location information that can generate alarms to notify relevant stakeholders with locations displayed on Integriti’s floor plan (Schematic) application.
  • Contractor Management & Guard Tours – Large shopping centres often require guards to patrol the facilities both during and after business hours. Integriti’s guard tour functionality ensures guards present credentials at assigned locations to ensure the patrols are being undertaken; additionally alarms can be raised if guards do not present within a given time period. Integriti has native functionality to handle the challenges of managing hundreds of contractors who require access to retail premises. In addition to its native functionality, Integriti also integrates with dedicated contractor management systems. These systems ensure contractors are provided temporary access credentials, and have complied with onsite health and safety protocols.
  • Maximising the profitability of expensive retail spaces – Integriti systems seamlessly integrate with Video Management Systems and Video Analytics that can provide retail optimisation intelligence. Such analytics can include people & object counting, heat mapping to track where customers spend the most time, occupancy estimating and queue monitoring.

Our Awards

JD Security’s wide recognition for its expertise in Retail Security has led to numerous awards, including:

  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2019-2020
  • AXIS Partner of the Year for Retail Multi-site Solutions 2021-2022
  • AXIS Partner of the Year 2021-2022 NSW & ACT
  • AXIS Partner of the Year Oceania End-to-End Solutions Champion 2021-2022
  • Genetec Unified System Sales Award at Genetec Elevate 22
  • Genetec Unified Partner of the Year 2023 at Genetec Elevate 2024

Our project managers, project engineers, and system integration teams have played an instrumental role in securing these awards. Their commitment to quality sets a high standard for the industry.

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