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What can I do to prevent attendances if I violate our arming & disarming schedule?

  If you're on-site and anticipate working past your closing time, please ring 1300 884 543 with your password and be ready to advise your estimated departure time. We'll update your arming schedule so our system makes sure that you arm by that time.   If you go to your premises and disarm outside your scheduled arming & disarming times please ring 1300 884 543 with your password ready immediately after you've disarmed so that we can update your schedule and authorise the entry.   Please note that you may incur response charges if you have arming & disarming schedules in place and don't contact or advise us of schedule changes. If we attempt to contact you and those calls go unanswered and you've authorised us to respond to all events we'll send a response vehicle.   You can make temporary changes to your arming & disarming schedule online at by selecting Temporary Schedule from the Reason drop-down on the form. Temporary schedules must be received at least 2 hours before they come into effect so that they can be processed.   You can make permanent changes to your arming & disarming schedule by emailing the Monitoring Centre at   Please note that arming & disarming schedules aren't mandatory and you can remove them from your service plan if you wish to do so.

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