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How can Halo Vape Detectors be integrated with a Video Management System?

HALO Vape Detectors can be integrated with a Video Management System (VMS) using several methods. Linking sensor alerts to video footage for immediate action and investigation enhances security and monitoring capabilities.

Integration with Specific VMS Platforms:

  • HALO Vape Detectors can be integrated with Avigilon Control Centre VMS, Milestone XProtect VMS, and other third-party systems. This integration allows all sensor data to be displayed in the VMS software alongside nearby camera images, which is particularly useful when linking alarm events to video footage.
  • The integration with Avigilon Unity Video or Alta Aware enables the system to pull a live video feed from a nearby camera whenever the HALO sensor triggers an alert. This allows for immediate investigation and identification of individuals involved in the detected events.

Configuration and Settings:

  • To integrate HALO with a VMS, you typically need to log into the HALO SMART SENSOR web interface, navigate to the Notifications or Integrations tab, and configure the VMS settings. This involves entering specific settings such as the IP address of the VMS server, a custom port number, and event identifiers associated with specific VMS sensors.

Event Management and Alerts:

  • The HALO Smart Sensor can alert security personnel when sensor values exceed normal levels. These alerts can be configured to trigger specific actions within the VMS, such as recording or sending notifications.
  • Integration guides and support are available to assist with the setup process, ensuring that the HALO events are correctly linked to the corresponding actions in the VMS.

Use of API and Server Integration:

  • Some integrations may involve using the server API to ensure that the HALO Smart Sensor is natively supported by the VMS, allowing for seamless communication between the sensor and the video management software.

Practical Applications:

  • This integration is beneficial in environments where cameras cannot be placed, such as private areas or specific indoor locations. It allows monitoring of vaping, smoke, THC, and other abnormalities by linking sensor detections with visual verification through connected video systems.

By integrating HALO vape detectors with a VMS, facilities can enhance their security and monitoring capabilities, ensuring that they can respond promptly to incidents detected by the sensors while maintaining a comprehensive surveillance record.

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