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What are the benefits of the Server Hive Architecture in Nx Witness?

The Server Hive Architecture in Nx Witness offers several significant benefits that enhance the video management system (VMS) ‘s overall performance, reliability, and scalability.

Key Benefits include:

High Redundancy

  • No Single Point of Failure: Each server in the Nx Witness system synchronises user and configuration data in real-time, ensuring that there is no single point of failure. If one server fails, another can take over its duties without disrupting the system.
  • Automatic Camera Failover: The architecture supports automatic camera failover, which ensures that camera feeds are redirected to another server in case of a server failure, maintaining continuous surveillance.


  • Almost Unlimited Scalability: The Server Hive Architecture allows the system to scale almost indefinitely by adding more servers. This makes it suitable for both small installations and large, complex systems.
  • Flexible Deployment: Servers can be located in different networks, behind NAT, or even in various geographical locations, and they will still function as a single cluster. This flexibility allows for easy expansion and management of the system.


  • Load Distribution: By distributing the load across multiple servers, the system can handle many video streams and user requests efficiently. This ensures high performance and prevents any single server from becoming a bottleneck.
  • Adaptive Scaling: The architecture supports adaptive scaling, optimising network and CPU usage to prevent dropped frames during viewing and ensure smooth and reliable video playback.

Simplified Management

  • Unified Management Interface: Administrators can connect to any available server, locally or remotely, to view and manage the entire system. This simplifies system management and reduces the need for interacting with each server individually.
  • Centralised Health Monitoring: Built-in health monitoring allows administrators to view the health of all systems connected to the Nx Witness Cloud service, providing a centralised way to monitor and manage system performance.

Secure and Efficient Communication

  • Real-Time Synchronisation: Servers constantly synchronise all data between each other, ensuring that data is always available where and when it is needed. This real-time synchronisation enhances both security and efficiency.
  • Secure Connections: The architecture supports secure, encrypted communications using technologies like OPEN SSL and TLS/SSL, ensuring that data is protected during transmission.


  • No Special Hardware Required: The failover and redundancy features do not require special hardware or software, making it a cost-effective solution for ensuring system reliability.


  • Integration Capabilities: The architecture supports integration with third-party devices and systems using built-in APIs and SDKs, allowing for extensive customisation and expansion of system capabilities.

In summary, the Server Hive Architecture in Nx Witness provides a robust, scalable, and efficient foundation for managing video surveillance systems, ensuring high availability, performance, and ease of management.

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