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What are the features of the AXIS Q86 Series that make it ideal for perimeter protection?

AXIS Q86 thermal cameras are particularly suited for perimeter protection due to several key features:

  1. Thermal Imaging Capabilities: These cameras capture images based on the heat radiating from objects, which allows them to operate effectively in complete darkness, challenging light conditions, light fog, and smoke. This capability is crucial for perimeter protection, ensuring continuous surveillance regardless of environmental conditions.
  2. Built-in Cybersecurity Features: The AXIS Q86 series includes robust cybersecurity measures such as signed firmware and secure boot. These features help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that the camera system is free of malware, which is vital for maintaining the integrity of security systems.
  3. High Durability and Resistance: With IP66, NEMA 4X, and IK10 ratings, these cameras are highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and impact. This makes them ideal for installation in harsh environments, often in perimeter security scenarios.
  4. Advanced Analytics Capabilities: AXIS Q86 cameras support the integration of tailor-made third-party analytics and audio analytics. This can enhance detection capabilities, reduce false alarms, and trigger events such as detecting aggressive behaviour or gunshots. This integration capability allows for a highly effective perimeter security system to detect and respond to potential intrusions automatically.
  5. Temperature Monitoring: Some models in the AXIS Q86 series can remotely monitor temperatures and send notifications if they pass a set threshold or fluctuate too rapidly. This feature is beneficial for early fire detection and can prevent damage to equipment, adding a layer of security to the perimeter protection.

These features collectively make the AXIS Q86 thermal cameras highly effective for perimeter protection, providing reliable surveillance and enhanced security measures across various environmental conditions and potential security threats.

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