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What is a ‘schedule violation’?

When you set-up your service you’re asked to complete a Commissioning Form, a formal document that provides key information about your location, contacts and the times you expect to disarm and arm your security system (Section 4 is known as the Open/Close Schedule).

Whilst it’s not essential for you to provide times if you don’t want this feature, it is essential if you to make sure that your system has been armed by a certain time and likewise if you want to us to make sure that nobody disarms your system without authorisation.

Therefore a schedule violation occurs when someone disarms your system when it’s meant to be armed or doesn’t arm your system by the time you want it to be armed.

You should instruct staff to call the Monitoring Centre on 1300 884 543 when they’re working late, and haven’t armed the security system, or are disarming the system after hours when it’s meant to be armed.

If you’d like to update your schedule click here to download a: Commissioning Form

You can also email the Monitoring Centre with changes to your schedule at [email protected]. Please make sure that the email is sent by an authorised member of staff.

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