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What is Avigilon Control Center?

The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is a sophisticated video management system (VMS) designed to optimise how security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video. It is part of Avigilon’s comprehensive security suite, which includes end-to-end video surveillance and access control solutions.

Key Features

  • Avigilon Appearance Search Technology: This AI-powered search engine lets investigators quickly locate a person or vehicle of interest by sorting through hours of recorded video using physical descriptions, photos, or examples from recorded footage.
  • Self-Learning Video Analytics: ACC software includes advanced video analytics that detects and notifies operators of real-time scene changes and rule violations.
  • Facial Recognition: The software includes AI-powered facial recognition technology to detect people of interest based on secure watch lists managed by authorised users. This feature accelerates response times by identifying individuals from uploaded images or recorded videos.
  • High Definition Stream Management (HDSM): ACC uses patented HDSM technology to efficiently capture and store high-definition video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.
  • Editions and Scalability: ACC is available in three editions: Core, Standard, and Enterprise. Each edition is tailored to different scales of operations, from small implementations to large-scale video security needs. The Enterprise edition includes all features of the Core and Standard editions, plus additional advanced features for large-scale deployments.
  • Device and Integration Support: The software supports a wide range of Avigilon cameras and third-party IP cameras and encoders. It is ONVIF compliant and integrates with various sensors and devices to enhance the capabilities of physical security investments.

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