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What is AXIS’ Digital Corridor Format?

The AXIS Digital Corridor Format is a specialised video orientation mode designed by AXIS Communications to optimise surveillance in narrow, vertical spaces such as hallways, staircases, aisles, and tunnels. This format addresses the inefficiencies of traditional landscape video formats in such settings, where much of the video frame would typically be wasted on non-essential areas, thus not maximising the camera’s resolution and field of view.

The Corridor Format changes the video stream from a horizontal (landscape) 16:9 aspect ratio to a vertical (portrait) 9:16 aspect ratio. This adjustment better suits the vertical nature of the monitored areas, ensuring that the camera’s field of view is used more effectively, enhancing image quality, and reducing bandwidth and storage waste.

To achieve this format, the AXIS camera can be physically installed sideways, or if it’s an AXIS fixed dome camera, the 3-axis lens can be rotated 90 degrees during mounting. After the physical adjustment, the video image is digitally rotated back 90 degrees through the camera’s configuration interface. This feature requires significant processing power, supported by AXIS’ advanced network cameras.

Overall, the Corridor Format is a practical solution for improving surveillance efficiency in vertically oriented spaces, ensuring better image quality and optimised storage and bandwidth use.

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