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What is Object Detection?

AerVision Technologies’ object detection capabilities are part of their AI-based video analytics solution, AerWatch. This technology combines sensing and computer vision to automatically identify and classify objects and human activities in real-time.

Human and Object Detection with Activity Classification:
AerWatch can detect and classify various objects and human activities, such as walking, riding a bicycle, or carrying items like bags or suitcases.

Single and Multi-Camera Target Tracking:
The system can track targets across multiple cameras, ensuring continuous monitoring and tracking of objects and people as they move through different areas.

Recognition Using Biometric Information or Appearance:
AerWatch uses biometric data and appearance-based recognition to identify individuals accurately. This includes facial recognition, which provides real-time face identification and augments a “virtual lanyard” on faces in the video feed.

Monitoring Crowd Behavior:
The system can monitor and analyze crowd behavior, providing insights into how people interact within a space. This includes tracking and behavior analysis, average travel time between points, dwell and queue times, and accurate counts of people entering and exiting specific waypoints.

Object Classification:
AerWatch can classify objects into categories such as adult, child, pram, trolley, and more. It can also distinguish and track various types of vehicles, animals, and even detect human poses and skeleton formations.

Real-Time Dashboards and Alerts:
The system provides real-time dashboards that display the current situation along with historical statistics. It also has a customizable alert system that can notify operators of predefined events or anomalies, reducing false alarms and improving response times.

Integration with Existing Systems:
AerWatch is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV, building, and security management systems, allowing businesses to enhance their security infrastructure without the need for additional hardware.

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