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What’s the difference between Unusual Motion Detection & Unusual Activity Detection in Avigilon’s AI-powered video analytics?

Avigilon’s AI-powered video analytics feature two distinct technologies: Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) and Unusual Activity Detection (UAD). Both technologies are designed to enhance security by identifying and flagging atypical events, but they operate based on different principles and are suited for different purposes.

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD)

UMD is focused on detecting anomalies in motion within a scene. This technology does not require any predefined rules or setup. Instead, it continuously learns what typical activity in a scene looks like over time. Once it has established what is considered normal for that specific scene, it can detect and flag motions deviating from this norm. UMD is particularly useful for identifying unexpected movements in areas where motion patterns are generally consistent and predictable. It is embedded in various Avigilon camera lines such as the H4A, H4 Mini Dome, and H4SL, making it accessible on budget-friendly, entry-level cameras.

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD)

In contrast, UAD is an object-aware technology that detects atypical behaviours of specific classified objects such as people and vehicles. This means UAD can identify unusual activities based on the type of object and its expected behaviour patterns. For example, it can highlight incidents where a vehicle travels at an unusually high speed or when someone is in an unexpected location. UAD is embedded in the Avigilon H5A camera line, offering high-powered AI capabilities on Avigilon’s flagship cameras. This makes UAD suitable for environments where the behaviour of distinct objects needs to be closely monitored.

In summary, while UMD focuses on general motion anomalies within a scene, UAD provides a more targeted approach by recognising unusual behaviours of specific objects, making each technology valuable for different security needs and scenarios.

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