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How does Genetec Security Center handle data redundancy and failover?

Genetec Security Center employs several mechanisms to handle data redundancy and failover, ensuring high availability and reliability of the system. Here are the key components and strategies:

  1. Redundant Archiving
    Genetec Security Center 5.12 allows for redundant archiving at multiple levels:

    – Archiver Role: The Archiver role can enable redundant archiving for all cameras, ensuring that video data is duplicated and stored in multiple locations.

    – Failover Server: A failover server can be configured to take over the archiving tasks if the primary server fails.

    – Individual Cameras: Redundancy can also be configured for specific important cameras, providing flexibility in protecting critical data.

  2. Archiver Failover
    The system supports archiver failover, which ensures that a secondary server can take over the archiving tasks if the primary Archiver server fails. This setup helps maintain continuous recording and data integrity.
  3. Directory Database Failover
    For the Directory database, failover mechanisms connect to a backup database during a failover event. This backup database contains data from the last restore operation, ensuring minimal data loss. Two schedules can be defined for this purpose: one for full backups and another for incremental backups.
  4. Directory Failover & Load Balancing
    To protect the Directory service, which is crucial for the overall operation of the Security Center, failover and load balancing can be set up by assigning expansion servers. This ensures that the load is distributed among the expansion servers if the primary server fails, maintaining system performance and availability.
  5. Role Failover
    Failover can also be configured for various system roles. Secondary servers can be designated on standby and ready to take over if the primary server hosting those roles becomes unavailable. This ensures that critical functions continue to operate without interruption.
  6. Power Efficiency and Enhanced Reliability
    The system’s configuration offers flexible options for failover scenarios, enhancing the archiving process’s reliability and resilience. This includes power efficiency improvements that contribute to the system’s overall robustness.

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