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What’s the difference between Genetec Synergis and other access control systems?

Genetec Synergis distinguishes itself from other access control systems through several key features and integration within the Genetec Security Center platform. Here are some differences:

  • Integration with Security Center: Synergis is part of the Genetec Security Center, which integrates access control with video surveillance and other security applications. This is different from systems that require separate platforms or video and access control integrations.
  • IP-Based System: Synergis is an IP-based system that allows real-time and event-driven video monitoring. This is different from systems that may not be as focused on IP integration or may use different protocols for integration.
  • Cloud-Readiness: Synergis is cloud-ready, which means it can be managed from anywhere and is scalable to business needs. Some other systems may not offer cloud-based solutions or be as flexible regarding remote management and scalability.
  • Hardware Agnosticism: Synergis works with industry-leading access control and monitoring hardware controllers, electronic locks, and IP cameras. This is different from some systems that may be proprietary or limited to specific hardware.
  • Global Cardholder Management: Synergis offers global cardholder management, which allows for centralised management of credentials and access rights across multiple locations. This feature may not be as developed or available in other systems.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: The system provides real-time event monitoring and the ability to generate custom reports. Other systems may offer less robust reporting features or handle event monitoring differently.
  • Advanced Security Features: Synergis integrates intrusion monitoring alongside access control and video surveillance through Synergis IX. This level of integration may not be present in other systems that treat intrusion detection as a separate component.
  • Scalability and Management: Synergis is designed to scale quickly, allowing new users and locations to be added with a few clicks on the dashboard. Other systems may have more complex scalability options or be less user-friendly to expand.
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